Haganah Principle Of Combat Part 5 Ground Survival Attacks

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3 thoughts on “Haganah Principle Of Combat Part 5 Ground Survival Attacks

  1. Eric G says:

    Also, I apologize in advance if these are harsh words. But people have the right to know what works and what doesn't. Your ideas are good, it is clear you have some understanding of how to end a life. But your ground skills are not comparable to your understanding.

    How would you feel if a soldier took your technique to the battlefield and died believing your teaching would keep him safe? All it takes to beat your moves is to fight against a bigger (heavier) person who has 6 months of BJJ experience. You don't use basic principles of leverage and control in order to maintain the winning edge. In fact many times you give it up to address the "other fighters" that you need to head snap.

    The fact is that if these other people are that close, why aren't they stomping your head and working in a group?

  2. Eric G says:

    Classic misunderstanding of ground fighting. This will only work against a fish on the ground. You meet a shark and NONE of this will work. Your NEAR intermediate understanding of how ground fighting works makes it entertaining to an untrained eye. However anyone who attempts this against anyone who knows ground fighting will be unpleasantly surprised on how NONE of this will work. You do closed fist strikes when palm strikes would be way more beneficial. You address groin strikes on one technique but not the ones where you're in the guard. The techniques LOOK like it would work, but you don't have enough knowledge of ground fighting to be teaching it.

    I would be ashamed if this was my video.

    I'd highly suggest you continue learning ground fighting from (real) BJJ experts. Once you gain a black belt, review this video and you'll realize WHY I wrote this. You will see how every move you do is wrong. How it will not work against a stronger opponent.

    Stop teaching what you don't know

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