Hades Beginner Guide | Aphrodite Boon Beginner Tips



Wondering if Aphrodite’s Weak ability is any good? Not sure how to combine her offensive and defensive boons? Need help deciding which of Aphrodite’s …

8 thoughts on “Hades Beginner Guide | Aphrodite Boon Beginner Tips

  1. Shannae Darkehart says:

    I feel like, just in general, the game picks a handful of gods that you will see several times over the course of a run and you get a sprinkling of the others. It's not uncommon for me to get a single Aphrodite boon if I get one at all, and then there will be runs where I collect more than half of what she has to offer. The same thing happens with the other gods, at least in my fallible memory of my time trying to escape the underworld.

  2. Toast Brains says:

    Hey Matt have you considered using Codex Menu Mod for Hades? its a mod that lets you load up boons, it helps me greatly theory craft test unorthrodox build before doing a run ww/ it on higher heats. I kina see you have difficulty on the RNG when doing guides like this.

  3. kovoCode says:

    I wish the synergy with Ares worked a little differently. She works so well with most other gods, but with doom being the weaker part of his set, the only way I can see it working is maybe doom on Chiron special with the duo being an idea.

  4. Hankit Mok says:

    In fact, the rose is probably the keepsake I started most with. It is also worth mentioning that Aphrodite synergises insanely well with Excalibur. And if Dionysus is also present for Festive Fog + damage reduction while standing in Festive Fog, you can probably get away with defeating Hades while spamming Excalibur special and cast on yourself while standing still with 1-2 revenge boons. In fact, I was pushing my heat level at 11 when I accomplished this without Dionysus getting involved. Defeated Hades by standing in his laser in Phase 2 with epic Zeus revenge levelled to 5, both above and below 50% of his hp bar. If I recall correctly, each tick of his laser tickled for 5 damage and I had 350 max HP or so.

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