Gyokko-ryu Kosshijutsu | Shurikenjutsu | Sanshin Henka

In this video, I demonstrate various martial art philosophies and strategies of utilizing the shuriken / shurikenjutsu while training in the taijutsu (a.k.a Ninpo Taijutsu) of the Sanshin-no-Kata,…

10 thoughts on “Gyokko-ryu Kosshijutsu | Shurikenjutsu | Sanshin Henka

  1. Ian Sinclair says:

    With your Ku No Kata. Either jab his eyes or keep your fingers out off grab range. My sensei snatched my fingers when i did much the same as you did. He said anyone who knows anything will grab your fingers and you will have broken fingers.
    These are interesting ways of approaching this school.

  2. Rick Greene says:

    Christa sensei, I noticed in the video on the fare wall you have Japanese style (rifles) could you please tell me where I can purchase one !!  Thank you for your time !!

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