Gurkhas Excel Under Attack | Forces TV

Second Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles (2RGR) have been continuing their Afghanistan pre-deployment training. Our second special report from the …

27 thoughts on “Gurkhas Excel Under Attack | Forces TV

  1. joao dossantos says:

    Gurkha and Brithis special force vs Kopassus Indonesia 1970 in Borneo forest Kalimantan Indonesia when they wanna help Malaysia Army .They are lose badly 1 batalyon infantery 30 army. 20 Gurkha mix with 10 SAS Brithis. so fucking embarrassing for Brithis government.

  2. Bhim Kumar Tamang says:

    Hernu Hos Nepali Daju Vai ho Dorjrling ma Nepal Aama ko xora xori Marirakhe ko xa Ke Nepa Bata Heri Rakhane ho ta Yo Messes Saboi Nepal Sarko Lagi Pani ho Zou Sahayog Garu Darjrling ma Bagali ko Haiko Kalkata Pani Kabza Garnu Parxa Sale lai xodnu Hudoina Ani Mudi Sarkar le Vandoi xa Gudrachha ma Aiza Ma Nepal Puroi Banai DINXU Vandoixa Nepal Sarkar le Yo kuro Eakdamoi Chaso Garnu Parne Awasekta xa Kina Hamaro Des Michera Moj Gariraheko xa Sasak Varat le Hernu hos Raw Bujnu Hos Nepali Daju Bhai Didi Bahini haru Has ta Dhanebad Namaskr Nepal Jaya Nepal Jaya Gorkhali

  3. Gorkhe Gorkhe1670 says:

    Haina gorkha jilla ko matrai gorkhe bhaye aru singo nepal ko chain ko ta..? I didn't understand why..? Only gorkha army..not nepal army..????so who's gorkha..? Only title gorkha but they all Nepalis army oky..they should be call..gorkha neplis army force that is better..not only gorkha..(GORKHA NEPLIS ARMY) understand..???

  4. Simon Rai says:

    fighting it's in our blood.we love peace but we are always ready for war.we never afraid with enemy but that doesn't mean we dominate others.just we know we love fighting in war.

  5. Authentic Max says:

    While the Gurkhas go on an offense around the world and try to raise security, the Gurkhali youtube commenters on the other hand go on defense mode and display their insecurity. Hahahahaa

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