Gurkha soldiers put on a Kukri knife display

Gurkha soldiers at Shorncliffe Barracks put on a Kukri knife display in advance of their deployment to Afghanistan next month (April 2009). Foxtrot Company of …

45 thoughts on “Gurkha soldiers put on a Kukri knife display

  1. cenexes 12 says:

    nope you could not pay me any amount of money to fight a Gurkha ! Seen one drop 5 marine force recon operators in a full contact sparring match at a special forces event in Great Britian and it was over very quick

  2. Dilip Bhattarai says:

    long time ago gurkhali motto was ayo gurkhali. they came back to nepal and bring foreign revenue to our country 
    today gurkhali motto is goyo gurkhali since they all resettled in UK. they no longer bring foreign revenue to nepal.
    i have no respect to gurkhas from UK. i respect gurkhas from singapore and india only.


    ░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄                  diliprai is building an army.
    ▂▄▅█████████▅▄▃▂       ☻/︻╦╤─  This tank & diliprai are against 
    Il███████████████████].  /▌             India and UK who stole Nepali land.
      ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤..  /             Like this comment if you want India
                                                                    and UK to handover Nepali territory.                                                  

  4. Bluesky says:

    I'd like to see how to use a kukri from a real gurkha soldier not from some western specialist. Like getting instructions how to use a samurai from a white guy, it's just not that believable in my opinion.

  5. Exile Man says:

    It would be nice to see someone make one of those blades out of Ceramic, or other synthetic materials, I mean it would stay sharp longer, and doesn't rust. Only lack I could think of is that it may loose the weight.

  6. Exile Man says:

    Im in the process of making my own Kukri knife. But hey, then again even if a display model, I have heard some Pakistan places make good knives if its small homemade , rather than some large mass produced company. You have to remember the Steel of today as well usually surpasses that of the old Knives as we have more kinds of steel now and finer.

  7. Exile Man says:

    Well just because you become a citizen doesn't mean you have to be in the military. Then again, no matter where on earth someone is, if someone is getting paid more and has to take care of their family, their families wealth comes first.

  8. Exile Man says:

    Worry so much about weather it Indian territory or Chinese. Its so remote even if it was ruled by a other country I doubt the region would change much as it is so remote. Shit China would probably build a high Tech city there and farm away everything and destroy the quiet region.

  9. Exile Man says:

    Yup and if you join your countries military your a mercenary as well. Your getting paid for your service are you not, and you are on a work contract as well. People have the wrong idea about merc's because you can choose what you want to accept. And sure I understand why they would throw it away, how many people grow up somewhere and spent there whole life there and then when given a chance to leave and see the world they would take it. Plus I bet their living standards would be better in U.K.

  10. Exile Man says:

    Why are people complaining that they might be mercenaries to some extend? Even if you join your own countries military your pretty much a Hired Gun anyways. I mean how many of you would join if you don't get paid lol.

  11. strata g says:

    son go wok on google, now a little dose of reality, ask any gurhka what he thinks of the British army, the villages they recruit from, the local councils and governments. Sounds to me SON you tried the entrance exam and failed. hence the bitterness

  12. NepaliBabuMadeInNepala says:

    son before you were born my great great great grandfathers were fighting against the british troops who wanted to invade nepal. my great great great ancestors drove the piece of shit british armies with just bare hand khukuri and stone. but because the british had guns cannons and larger armies they defeated nepal army and made nepal signed treaty with UK. the british govt. fail to hand over nepali territory before they left india for good. today india is holding nepali land.

  13. NepaliBabuMadeInNepala says:

    gurkhas are mercenary . they fight for money and british flag. today the gurkhas are even worse than gurkhas of past generation because today gurkhas will throw away nepali citizenship nepal passport into garbage bag and takes up british citizenship.
    gurkhas are born and bred in nepal so if these people gave up nepali citizenship then they are not gurkhas anymore. they can be label mercenary, 2nd 3rd british citizen.

  14. strata g says:

    they virtualy won the falklands war with out even making a contact (they got lost no joke) but the Argentinian papers where full of stories about gurkas eating the dead, being able to throw the knife and it would come back to them like a boomerang. scared the shit out of the little 16yo conscripts lol. Best bit of propaganda ever. God bless these little guys 5ft of rabid tiger,

  15. usmctanks1 says:

    I have heard, but don't know if it is true, that before the final " coup de grace" the final words that are spoken to the victim before the blow are (translated into English) are "now you die infidel". Just a rumor that was spread overseas

  16. NepaliBabuMadeInNepala says:

    money is more important now. there's no honey without money. anyway gurkhas should fight for anyone who pays them more, rewards them handsomely and appreciate more than britain. britain is a piece of shit who did not return nepali territory when it gave independence to india and left india for good. today nepali land is with india. so i hope one day gurkhas will fight for china and reclaim nepali land from india and britian. britian and indians might forget but nepalese won't never forget.

  17. beebisbiasedbigtime says:

    Gurkha soldiers are proud of their association with the Queen. Their history is one of honour and courage. They have shown their mettle against the aggression of the Nazis, the aggression of Tojo, and the aggression of the Mughals. Each being a by-word for evil, they are rightly proud of their history.

  18. Danzig Rulze says:

    The same could be said for France and the FFL when they were exploited just as much as the Gurkas in all the same conflicts. Or the current exploitation of troops on ground in Iraq and Afghanistan concurrently. Also, even back then the most achieved soldiers were volunteers, they weren't forced to fight. Why we are at it why not mention the Taliban? They fought off the Russian's with our weapons and training, exploiting their fighting force as well throughout the Middle-east.

  19. NepaliBabuMadeInNepala says:

    in the future nepal need to bring UK and its govt. to UN court of law for making gurkhas fight against japanese germans and Argentina. Nepal is not enemy of japan german or Argentina yet the british exploited the gurkhas and made to fight for them. this is against UN law and human rights.
    Nepali hindu king and his govt. and the british govt. should be held accountable for murdering more than 200,000 gurkhas and injuring more than 300,000 others.

  20. NepaliBabuMadeInNepala says:

    if any soldier fight for another country weather it is for money or for rewards he is mercenary. now the british has been exploiting nepalese youth for last 200 years to fight for them. british govt. and nepali hindu king exploited more than 500,000 nepali men from WW1 to today. actually this is against human rights and International UN law because since nepal was not enemy of japan or germany or argentina, the british made the gurkhas to fight them.

  21. NepaliBabuMadeInNepala says:

    are you british? i am surprised you still can write in nepali. don't worry your future generation nepalis who will be born in uk will not be able to read write and speak nepali.
    don't worry about nepal. ang kaji sherpa is now leading the fight for adivasi janajatis.

  22. Nishan says:

    tero hajurbaule khana launa dincha nepalma…kam garna khojyo kam painna? kam payepani dam painna? chorai chor chan soaltee sabaitira ani k garun ta..dherai jana tyestai background bata hunchan..k option huncha usko lagi..

  23. Danzig Rulze says:

    I'm retired Army infantry and I still hear stories of the Gurkha in the wars today. Trust me, you don't want to run into a regiment of Gurkha, they will literally charge into battle and fuck you up.

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