Gurkha Kukri Knife – How Well Do They Cut Bottles & Wood?



The Gurkha kukri (khukuri) is a famously good cutter, but I thought I’d try a couple of fun cutting feats with one of my kukris, to see what happened. Can I cut six …

39 thoughts on “Gurkha Kukri Knife – How Well Do They Cut Bottles & Wood?

  1. Bjawu says:

    "You know the kukri is impressive, but sometimes it's good to remind people of that. Take care folks…"

    This could sound really ominous if taken out of context

  2. CeltKnight says:

    I was given a Kukri by my father when I was about 14. I was big into knives and swords (still am, almost 4 decades later) so he shopped around and found the Kukri and some stories about ghurkas. Interestingly, shortly thereafter one of the magazines I read had an article on the Ghurkas and their kukri.
    Anyway, that knife and I had a lot of miles together in the wilds of my back yard, woods all over the state, and a lot of shadow-boxing drills in my room. Sadly, by the time I turned 30 it was stolen along with some other knives and a saber my father had also given me (and a WWI vintage 1917 Enfield bayonet a relative had brought back from his time as a doughboy). I have a much nicer collection now but everytime I see a Kukri I remember that blade my father gave me in my youth, the display I built for it, and all the good time I had.
    Anyway, lest I ramble on more, let me just say, great video!

  3. Urselius Urgel says:

    As a teenager I cut down an almond tree that had recently died of 'peach-leaf curl' – it had a 6-7in diameter trunk – with an antique, bone-handled kukri. It was perfectly capable of cutting the tree down with no particularly heavy exertion. I still have the kukri, but would not use it for tree felling now!

  4. John G10 says:

    I used a 12” bladed Cold steel Ghurka model kukri to cut some branches off birch trees I was pruning. Amazingly – if I used a full arm swing and a 45 degree angle – it would glide through 3.0 inch diameter unsupported branches without splintering the backside of the cut.

    If I messed up the angle by more than 3-5 degrees either direction, I could only cut through 2 inch branches.

    If I used a elbow and wrist powered stroke (like a hammer) it would only cut through 1 inch branches.

    And the blade wasn’t even that sharp. It was approximately standard kitchen knife sharp. Not even close to hair shaving sharp.

  5. Gowersghost says:

    Great video always remember a Kukri , will some how be much stronger when used in combat , some how a real made , blessed kukri , is like a pet dog it’s alive . Iam not in to zen or the Real side of martial arts but with a blessing a touch and a meaning , these really have protected killed and blessed weaker people saveing there homes And family.

  6. lifi grugru says:

    in theory a bit more weight help to save the momentum and a longer cuting surface help to stay to cut for the most cuted trough would be maybe a more than battle sharpe 2 handed sword, or a longer bladed halberd like the chine's 105 grade bend one.

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