Gurkha Kukri Knife Fighting

A friendly, safe rubber Gurkha Kukri knife fight sparring between myself and my friend, Nick…. no matter how fun it is, it ends with soreness and exhausion, …

25 thoughts on “Gurkha Kukri Knife Fighting

  1. Gautam Sareen says:

    Guys you realy need to see how Khukri is used this is not used like this you don't fight like fencing or this with this kind of footwork for reality see Shastar Vidiya Khukri by Gurdev Nihang Nidar Singh and also you will understand the use of notch on Khukri and how to hold the khukri.

  2. 이치고 says:

    You guys are so eager to hit each other knowing its just foam, but pull out a kukri with a taser attached to it and youre gona see less blows thrown at each other. Thats just how it works

  3. Hai Lee says:

    21k views !! unbelievable !!
    Thank you for your support, my friends !
    The video of my first MMA fight is going to be uploaded in a couple of hours !
    Thank you again, and you all have a nice day !

  4. Phil Hand says:

    Better be careful, if cops see you guys they may shoot you thinking you're having a real knife fight! I would hate to hear of that happening because my old best friend and I used to have epic sword fights with practice swords but we were always worried about the cops seeing us and thinking we were actually fighting and shoot us.

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