Gurkha Kukri Knife Display

The gurkha kukri knife display was accompanied by the band of the brigade of gurkhas. Music: 0:00 Road to the Isles 0:20 “Khukuri Dance” (Nepali Classic …

28 thoughts on “Gurkha Kukri Knife Display

  1. P Squad says:

    Jai Maha kali.. Ayo Gorkhali.. gorkha war cry.. they would have same calm even after chopping your head..
    Main rivals : Pakistanis
    Reason : pakistanis lie and backstab..

  2. mark hor says:

    lol many indians are here barking for nothing
    Gurkhas are Nepali
    Sikhs are punjabi (sikh dont consider themselves as indians) they are khalistani
    if you minus gurkhas and sikhs in indian history then you will find only fake bollywood lol

  3. Pradhumna Pant says:

    Now there is less chances of occuring a world war so why the majority of forces are being taught to fight why not they are trained to solve the country confusion,conflict and disputes.

  4. Mel Hawk says:

    I have had my eye on a kuhkri in a shop window… can anyone tell me how to tell a good one from a bad one? It IS a NEPALI and Tibetan shop… but I know little about it other than that I drool like a dog does over a steak when I see it.

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