Gunstore Stupidity #9 – Untrainable People

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39 thoughts on “Gunstore Stupidity #9 – Untrainable People

  1. I am Negan says:

    I truly have a disdain for people who spew in accurate information about fire arms and laws. And are just plain stupid about it, won't learn, won't even look up proper info

  2. Jacob Logan says:

    "confirms what im doing" when five minutes before hes saying " i just cant hit the target"

    i get it. you dont wanna admit youre wrong bc it bruises the ego. but omg i learned so much about so many things in life when i did three simple things

    – admitted i didnt know / wasnt being successful
    – asked for help/ researched
    – listened and applied and then trialed and errored

  3. MrMaditalian365 says:

    Is looking at the target specific to use of a shotgun, or is that for moving targets in general? I wasn't sure because it goes against what I've always heard about focusing on your front sight.

  4. UponGiantsShoulders says:

    Love ya Billy. I feel like you need an interpreter. Not for you, but for average Joe's, you speak using precise language and most people will struggle just with that no less the laser eye you have for concepts.

  5. Scott Grossman says:

    Billy u "confirmed" how stupid u were today!! lmao dude ur being u which in my book is alright man I wish I could shoot clays with ya I'd take every bit of knowledge and "confirm" it to memory lol

  6. Kevin M says:

    The examples of self inflicted stupidity are legion. I am nearly always reminded of Ron White's take on this: You can't fix stupid. Having been one of those " self taught " [ what does that really mean ? ] types before getting some professional training the issue becomes one of accepting the idea that you don't know what you don't know. Thank you for your service to our nation and keep up the good work.

  7. Robert Thomas says:

    Well, I wish some one would show up to show me what I am (DEFINATELY) doing wrong. Used to shoot clays with a 870/18"/cylinder bore, hit good. Well, ok. Then an over 100 year old Winchester 97—went to it because hit better than my Winchester SX3. But now started to hit better with SX3 than 97. Spent a lot on SX3 (for me at least), hate to have to give up on it. Maybe I should get a punt gun?

  8. Tony R says:

    Instructing on  Our local range as well With clays. So much fathers who somehow learnt themselves to hit is trying to make their kid magicly hit something without telling them like anything that has to do With the tasks they should focus on. and they of course get mad if i try to point out a few Things… The easiest is to teach Young People, especially women.  Because they havent learnt to be so overly confident in themselves, their way of doing Things, and to stick to their plan no matter what. If opposed  older men get mad and counterattack because You are obviously out to ruin their day right? xD

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