Gunstore Stupidity #8 – External Safeties

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34 thoughts on “Gunstore Stupidity #8 – External Safeties

  1. ThisnThatPackRat says:

    If anything, external safeties can lull SOME into a false sense of security and override basic firearms handling and safety. Agree that its all about education, state of mind and proper training is what makes a firearm, shooter and public at large truly safe.

  2. Widdly Skuds says:

    how do I get gun store employees to check the current law? I live in Kansas, and the laws changed a year or three ago, there isn't an age required to purchase a rifle or handgun in this state now, every time I try to tell a gun store employee about the update in the laws they just tell me I'm wrong. when I show them the proof they then just say it's store policy and refuse to do any service with me. I'm always polite when I do this but it never gets through to them, should I just be an asshole back to them?

  3. nvanclieaf1 says:

    Hi Billy, found you through the Tactical Response youtube Channel…you're great dude. Really informative and easy to understand, now I gotta watch every video on your channel. haha.

    Recently watched your Citizen Journalist vids on Yeager's channel. Posted a comment there for you, and though I know this isn't the video, just wanted to thank you for it here.

    It opened my eyes and mind to a whole new range of concepts on this topic. As a Canadian, we have a large firearm culture here, but it is mainly (at least in my experience) geared to hunters of wildlife, and the concepts/philosophy that goes with that. The younger generation is changing that however, and with all the anti-firearm rhetoric making it's way up North (and some of it home grown here too), this is given me some real 'food for thought' in how to approach and educate this subject. (yes it's a copy/paste from the post on Yeagers, but I couldn't really come up with a better comment than this).

    Thanks, and please keep em coming 🙂

  4. Scott Grossman says:

    the whole K.I.S.S. mentality!!!!!! I agree with u totally now u have guys wondering if "you've ever anything other then stupid at a gun store" guess they don't go to alot of gun stores!!!!!

  5. Mike Patten says:

    great video Billy I own 1pistol with a manual safety when I bought it I put it out of mind the best safety in my opinion is a good holster that covers the trigger second your finger.

  6. Mostly humble 1 says:

    I consider my XDM more safe in one regard.  When re-holstering, I can use a relaxed grip and place my thumb on the back of the slide so I am not depressing the grip safety.  It cannot fire if  re holstered in this fashion.  And yes, me choosing this method is also a safety factor.

  7. BBQCHIPSUCK says:

    Your gun store stupidity stories skip from 5 to 7. #6? You owe us one. Thanks for your time and effort that go in to your videos. Always interested in your thoughts and opinions. Take care and stay safe.

  8. vwr32jeep says:

    Disagree. It's a good thing to have for when I spin the pistol on my finger before putting it back in the holster… or for when my buddy wants to shoot a few rounds at the range and I toss it to him.

  9. IBTJC 4Life says:

    The XD surpasses the Glock safety features when not in hand. All things equal, a revolver, an XD, and pretty much all double pull triggers will add a degree safety in comparison. Fact is, if one has the finger squarely on or wrapped around it and foolishly pulls, it goes bang. Is the XD therefore safe – no. But is it safer in the hand of a newer shooter that has yet to master indexing? YES. This said, I shoot Glock. With my wife though, and with her digging in her purse and refusing to spend sufficient practice time, I at least prefer a double single pull trigger in her hand. So without condescension, please attempt to clarify the argument that you undoubtedly intend. Or perhaps tell me where I'm wrong. Respectfully.

  10. Shane K says:

    I thought California had some stupid rule about guns being illegal if they would melt at 800 degrees? Wouldn't a polymer Springfield melt? I know I'm wrong, just wondering where.

  11. Mockturtlesoup1 says:

    I've always said the same thing. manual safeties can actually be (or more accurately make the user) less safe, because they come to rely on the safety, which can reinforce poor gun handling habits, and allow people to get away with violating the four in point, recently the LAPD (at least I think that's who it was) switched from beretta 92s to some kind of polymer striker fired gun. they are now experiencing a significant increase in negligent discharges. funny thing is, many gun people are actually blaming the new guns for the discharges, saying, "see! we told you glocks(or whatever) are dangerous!" when really, it is the combination of a lack of proper training, and having the "crutch" of a manual safety on their previous side arm that allowed them to get away with poor gun handling/safety, or even for it to be reinforced.

  12. InYourDefense says:

    Anti-gun folk are trying to define "mandatory safety" features for handguns as part of their "gun safety" efforts: 1. Drop-tested to 10 feet; 2. loaded chamber indicator; 3. grip safety; 4. manual safety; 5. removed magazine safety (firearm will not fire when magazine is removed, even if there is a round in the chamber); 6. "striker cocked" indicator

    ALL of these features must be part of the firearm.

  13. kevin mccall says:

    You frightened me when you pulled the trigger without clearing the gun safe and empty. I thought we were all going to die! Good info, don't ever trade mechanical safety(ies) for proper end user safety.

  14. CORY CHAPPELL says:

    I work in a gun store. Had a guy trade in his glock for a gun with an external safety because it was "more safe when he lays it on the table and walks down range in front of it." I tried everything to explain that his gun was totally safe just sitting there but he wouldn't listen.

  15. sgarretson315 says:

    I agree. People look for alternatives to the gun safety rules, instead of always practicing and adhering to those. They wonder why they have an accident because they make ignorant mistakes.

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