Gunstore Stupidity #7 – Taking Numbers and Unsafe Manipulations

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20 thoughts on “Gunstore Stupidity #7 – Taking Numbers and Unsafe Manipulations

  1. sudilos117 says:

    Holy shit that's full retard why would you go through the process of getting an empty magazine putting it in the mag well and then racking the slide instead of using the thumb

  2. Rudy Smith says:

    my favorite… I listened to a clerk tell a new gun owner that "if you can't find 380 acp just get some 9mm it's the same thing" I jumped in real quick and put a stop to that jackassery

  3. Ryan Cash says:

    Surprisingly, I have seen gun models that have no slide stop at all. As in, it was specifically designed without that function.

    Needless to say, it came off the list of my wife's possible first EDC.

  4. Dohn Joe says:

    Here's one that happens everyday. Every time a capable woman comes into the shop I work at and has her mind set on a 9mm this one salesman will fight tooth and nail to talk her into whatever 38spl we happen to have in stock. Even if she has already had the run down, fired a few different guns, and has chosen the her gun. The guy will pressure them out of the 9mm no matter what even if they have to leave with nothing. Ready to strangle this pantload!

  5. The Modern Anti-Federalist says:

    But shouldn't you admit to some gun store stupid for not finding the number machine do-hicky? Then again, you were an officer so we will just chalk that up there with land nav. BTW, completely just busting your balls. I was enlisted side Corps. Love your channel.

  6. Eric K says:

    Hate those dang get a number machines,…lol And b-sides, those due-hickey slide flippy things are there for a reason,… to funny if it wern't sad,…

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