Gunfighting Tip: Move Laterally



This video is taken from Army Ranger, Dave Steinbach’s, Force on Force class, Defensive Scenarios 1. In the video, he explains the importance of moving …

36 thoughts on “Gunfighting Tip: Move Laterally

  1. Baconstrip78 says:

    As soon as you clear the holster, the gun tips laterally and your first and second shot comes from the hip trying to just score a hit. Then extend and finish center mass. It’s called close compression shooting and there are a bunch of videos on it.

  2. MegaSkilla says:

    Good advice for the timid, those with little training, or L.E.O.s held to a higher standard of burden of proof. The life saving reaction is to press forward and sidestep fast before the gap is closed while putting rounds center mass and letting your muzzle lift carry the remaining shots up and throught their, chest, neck, and head.

  3. Kwiksnacks Haderach says:

    Good vid! This is absolutely great in open space, trade lateral space for time and create a tactical advantage. In any intense scenario or in a situation where you’re unsure of a potential threat being armed. Draw and keep your weapon ready. Quite a few NYPD cops who learned in the street would keep their hat over a drawn pistol, or down by their side or put the muzzle slightly in their uniform coat. Whatever wasneeded to have the advantage. Lateral movement can be impossible in hallways, stairs, vestibules and courtyards. Backing up might be the only way to move and, depending where you are, you may have no where to go in many scenarios so, leaving your pistol holstered will result in you being terribly injured or dead with your pistol in your holster.

  4. Daniel T says:

    See, it's cool to learn this, and I've enjoyed watching this video. But as an Australian, I see in American culture this perpetual fear of your neighbour. Like someone's gonna break into your house or stab you on the street.
    There are places here where I fear that too, but I've talked myself out of those threats before, and I am glad that there isn't a surplus of guns in my community.

  5. Ernest Bryant says:

    As a boxer, this makes me think of landing a counter. Instead of moving backwards where your opponent can follow up with another shot, you would move laterally do you would be outside of their punch and be able to land your own.

  6. will says:

    I run at the attacker. then I throw them off by getting under them which doesn't give them enough time to slow their momentum, giving me ample time to respond accordingly by unloading into their backs.

  7. ThomasRichardHaroldson says:

    This video needs some kind of disclaimer. If someone is charging at you with the intent to cause you actual bodily harm you must be aware that a person can easily sustain several rifle calibre gunshot wounds and survive long enough to kill you, your buddies, and everyone else in the trench. As the British Army found out in Africa, if you want to equip your officers with a gun capable of defending themselves from men with pointy sticks, it better be a large enough calibre to take an arm off, or the likelihood is that you end up with two dead bodies – one with a small round slightly burned hole in the front and larger one in the back, and one with a pointy bit of wood stuck through its immaculately tailored red coat.

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