Gun vs. Knife Fight | Mythbusters

Can Adam fire his weapon before a screaming Jamie stabs him with a knife? Sundays @ 9pm Discovery | For more visit …

46 thoughts on “Gun vs. Knife Fight | Mythbusters

  1. Kenny Lin says:

    nothing should be 100% ready and nobody should be 100% fast like most people think they are, it's not a video game, in real life they are what they are, thinking in "should be" means practice is needed, but then most people don't have enough practice, that is when lives got taken away

  2. Ashley and Micah English says:

    You make the same mistake in this "reenactment" that they made in the case against Sully… Watch the movie… Knife wins vs gun in under 21 feet, no one experienced in the field with any amount of credibility would argue the point…

  3. Saylor S says:

    I'd still say Heineman won. Sure, the gun kills the knife wielding assailant at 24 feet, but that doesn't account for the fact that he's still in motion and his body will stay in motion until coming to a complete rest. So, you're still in danger of being stabbed until the assailant is no longer in motion.

  4. resolute 123 says:

    Why would you carry a gun without a round in the chamber? Unless you're IDF, most conceal carriers are already locked and loaded. This test isn't bad, but I think the conditions my not reflect most gun carriers.

  5. MadavTV says:

    Are you seriously charging the gun when you draw? No idiot would carry without one in the chamber. This test was flawed. At any rate there are many Police training videos from the 80s that already proved this.

  6. Duane Reed says:

    lets be "real" about this. unless some odd factor (such as drugs) is put into this equastion, the knife wielder will not attack a gun toter in such a fashion. that being said, most attacks happen in less than 10 feet( ask yourself this "when two people are fighting how close are they "). with that knowledge and the fact that both have to pull thier weapon before the attack( knives do NOT have a safty OR have to be chambered) the knife has the advantige. last… if 20+feet, the knife wielder just needs cover long enough for gun to run out of bullets and has the advantage again…knives never run out of "ammo"…those are just some of the reasons knives are feared…   ask a military special forces person why they get so much training in "hand to hand" combat and you will understand more.

  7. Big Za says:

    Never bring a gun to a knife fight also moving doesn't do much since your still vulnerable to a quick slash to the throat, stab to the head, tackle and plunge, etc. The sensible thing to do is to jump far away or dive roll so the charge can be negated then aim up because chest shots don't work without adrenaline boosts.

  8. Dimitar Dimitrov says:

    There is reason for the "never bring a knife into a gunfight". The man holding the gun can make side step or step back and shoot. It will be much more easier if you have a revolver instead pistol. Also you can have tactical holster. Like the spetsnaz's makarov holster. With one motion you draw the pstol and it locked n loaded. A good gunslinger from wild west can draw revolver aim and shoot in less than 1/4 of the second.

  9. Fa Mulan says:

    The flinch you'd get from being shot would allow enough space get out of the way and shoot again,or try to face off against him with your knuckles when he's weakened from the bullet.

  10. Krosly says:

    But in practice they would most likely both end up dead when the adrenaline rush ends. I mean you can easily sprint that short distance and still manage to stab the gunman even if he already shot you.

  11. pb48711 says:

    It's a rigged test. The first rule of concealed carry is to ALWAYS HAVE ONE IN THE PIPE. This is precisely because that 1/4 or 1/2 second it takes to rack the slide will get you killed.

  12. Emery Calame says:

    Adam DIDN'T win the first duel at all. Jamie was close enough to hit with the knife and had momentum. Shock and drop from gunshot to the chest is rarely instantaneous and sometimes does not happen at all. Odds are that Adam got stabbed to hell and back whether Jamie got shot or not.

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