Gun Stippling Tips and Techniques



This video details some techniques that I use for stippling handguns. Some of the video is Glock specific but most of the techniques can be applied to any type of …

29 thoughts on “Gun Stippling Tips and Techniques

  1. JD556 CT223 says:

    I know this is a little late but what tool are you using to do the HD borders what brand are those wood carving tools? I got some cheapo ones from HOME DEPOT and they are not working out at all

  2. The Rav Gaming says:

    I wonder if you started on the back of the grip, or under the trigger guard, rather than the side, would the pattern be more exact and precise at the finish. just noticed how the pattern got a little wonky at the end. Beautiful job regardless.

  3. Running Bear says:

    I'm a pipefitter welder so in a way we kind of have similar job's lol. With a lot of practice and good hand eye coordination you can make decent money! I make 42$ a hour and I'm basically retarded :)..

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