50 thoughts on “gun in the face defense 2 innocent bystanders

  1. Sir Dragonfall says:

    hold up. I've been told many times before that as soon as you grab the gun if he has his finger inside the guard like that it will go off. You must move out of the line of fire first and then take control of the weapon. He has a gun pointed at your head so you quickly jerk your head to the side and then grab his wrist pushing it downward to the other side. The you throw a headbutt then try and get the gun off him. This is what I have been told.

  2. John Vadasz says:

    Perfect example of what does not work and will get you shot! You grab the gun and he pulls back and shoots you, simple as that! There is no resistance from the attacker in your demo because then it will not work… Stop teaching stuff that won't work!

  3. David Seville says:

    This will work only if you are fast enough because at full speed he still to slow. Why you punching in the face. punch his balls that is more effective cause paralyzed. Try to practice it full speed not full slow. I like these technique i learn it that's a cool one

  4. Ian Coyle says:

    DarkMagician70, when you touch the gun, it goes off. So my questions for you is, where is that bullet going to hit, a building filled with people? Even if it didn't hit a building, where is the bullet going to land, who's going to get struck in the head with that bullet. You are better of having the gun go of at the ground.

  5. bahn67 says:

    I'm no expert but here are my thoughts

    Instead of grabbing the gun, he should grab the hand in case the gun goes off. He wont burn his hand

    Even if he moves the gun upwards instead of across his body, if the gun goes off it still has a chance to hit someone farther behind him.

    If it was me, I would grab the hand and twist it to the left while moving to the right

  6. Luc Larabie says:

    Ok but if it's a Glock the top of it moves and if the guy shoot it will burn your hand and maybe make a hole. I've learn it from Hickok45, don't know if it would work. But still better than get shot on the body.

  7. daddy7860 says:

    This is not the most effective method. Grabbing the outside of the wrist with the closest hand, and the barrel of the gun with the other will give you an opportunity to simply rip the gun out, rather than striking the arm, which is much slower.

  8. Jake W says:

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  9. SwiftZoree says:

    Lol the second one is so bad xD When he tells you to put your hands up, you grab the gun yeh you got control of the gun, but your nutsack is exposed. He kicks you in the balls you go down, and you're dead.

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  11. TazimDS says:

    And at that point your adrenalin is already pumping through your body, and you will barely notice the pain, until the adrenalin rush is gone.

    I'd rather have a deep cut in my hand, than getting shot in my face.

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