24 thoughts on “Gun Fighting Basics – Skills You Need To Master (Part 1)

  1. Robert Lithgow says:

    Since you're left handed, the brim of your hat's turned up on the wrong side or else you've got the hat on backwards, I think. It's an Aussie slouched, and the brim's generally turned up on the side of the shoulder on which you'd rest your rifle, which for you would be the left side. It's so you don't knock your hat off with your rifle barrel. Small detail.

  2. Lori Snow says:

    I picked your vid out of nowhere. Hello. I am a prepper but not a special forces nutjob with air support and endless billions of hardware to help me like you tough guys do. Blah blah blah.So tell me who are the "bad" guys. Is it me? is it the muslims that invade western worldwith the blessings of government? It's a shame we are so weak we can't even say who the enemy is.Don't get me wrong fake Rambo.  I think anyone is ready for what is to come.All that, and my question is this.Would you kill your neighbor if you were hungry or work together to rebuild our society?Night vision and a 308 trumps you fudging in the mud knowing you can go homeand shower like a goof.

  3. Dean Gullberry says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by this video. I usually watch this kind of content being completely dumbfounded by the toxic levels of idiocy people try to peddle, Very well done, and I find your relaxed demeanor a refreshing change from the usual pretend drill sergeant façade a lot of people try to present

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