41 thoughts on “Gun Disarms – Self Defense Compilation

  1. CM20001 says:

    Everybody likes to think they'll be a certified badass when somebody pulls a gun on them, until it actually happens. Then, all of your badassary, and all of your "I'd do this", and "I'd do that", goes right out the window. The only thing, repeat the only thing you can think of is, "Fuck, there's a gun to my head". All these sweet moves will do is get your ass shot and or killed. But to each his own I guess…

  2. blipbeep says:

    There should be resistance on the bad guy's side. Try these with simunition or airsoft and with a conviction of a bad guy who is also trained to secure his firearm. Now, that I would like to see.

  3. Dichotomy says:

    Pay attention to your instructor when he says " 6 foot sphere of influence"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was a LEO for 15 years!
    NEVER get within a perp at less than 6 feet when you have your weapon drawn!!!

  4. Dr House says:

    First and foremost what these aren't showing is HOW they got into this position to begin with. SITUATIONAL AWARENESS is your best tool of Self-Defense. My real life experience has included more violence than you'd want me to elaborate. 90% or more of the situations where people have been seriously injured or killed could have been avoided had they been more observant and taken simple precautions before it was too late. Use common sense. Do not walk alone if you can get an escort. Do not take shortcuts through parks, alleys, unlit parking lots/garages. Walk the center of driveways in garages, take wide corners around buildings, consider a flashlight with a stungun and arc it momentarily to warn that you are willing to fight and not be a victim. EVERY thug/perp will look for an easier victim than one that will fight and have one or more tools to use against them. Leaving a mall at closing time? Ask security to escort you to your car… the rent-a-cop wants to feel like a hero. Leaving a bar alone? Ask another woman if she and her guy wouldn't mind escorting you to your car. They get it and will be glad to help.

    I'll give credit, some of these gun disarms are very legitimate. But consider that over the last 20 years, stats show that 90% of all self-defense shootings happened between 9-12'. If you have the courage, arm yourself and learn HOW to draw, aim and shoot quickly. You don't need to be an expert marksman from that distance, you DO have to be decisive and willing. And finally, get yourself good insurance… in a self-defense shooting you need to protect yourself physically, financially, morally and legally. I'm not here to sell, but if you need info on that insurance… message me privately and I'll help you find coverage you need.

  5. bushyrat says:

    A bunch of stupid ass "in theory" techniques, the first 30-60 seconds of the video is a joke. Anybody resisting is getting a shot off. Cause everybody stands still in a fight, especially when a gun/knife is involved. Good work to all of these guys, now lets bet them they cant disarm a real gun for money and get rich from all the brains we spill 😀 This should be renamed disarming mannequin challenge.

  6. Asoka Mano says:

    You can learn all the gun disarms possible but until someone actually puts a gun to your body or head it's a completely different story. It may work in a class room , because you know the gun is a fake one and not loaded, but on the street where you know the gun is most likely real and loaded you are put in a stressful situation and you will most likely freeze. If you don't freeze and use your disarming techniques you could possibly survive or accidentally screw up because you have never had to use it in a real situation and could end up dead. Using something in class and something under stress is different, however it is always nice to learn something new or to add to what you already know.

  7. Daniel White says:

    important tips I learnt from martial art that applies to a lot of things. 1:neutralise immediate threat I.e. get the barrel of the gun pointing away from you. 2: quick strikes to eyes. remember a lot of people holding the guns may be under influence of drug and I've seen first hand that a kick to the balls and a straight kick to the ribs doesn't ground a guy on drugs. striking the eyes causes disorientation and if you hit them hard enough in the face will cause eyes to water (blurring vision) and may give you a chance to get the gun fully out of harm's way. but it's important to remember to concentrate on the gun first.

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