8 thoughts on “Gun Disarm – Self Defense Commando Krav Maga

  1. John Vadasz says:

    who taught you this? This will get you shot. I am willing to come be a participant demonstrator and prove this does not work. I will also show you what does work. All done with full speed, power and resistance.

  2. Caldor101 says:

    I am surprised that you teach to look at the bad guy. It is natural to look at the gun initially and by looking at it you avoid intimidating the attacker by looking at him, prevent getting shot if they don't want you to give a description, and will help guide your hands to the proper position on the gun for so many of our disarms. Still, I love 80/20. Body assist is nice, but 80/20 is my go to with gun disarming. -CKM Level 3

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