Gun Defense Trapping Tips



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16 thoughts on “Gun Defense Trapping Tips

  1. AlgerianFalcon says:

    What I fear is that I find myself in this situation where I must grab the gun and disarm him, and then when I do it, I loose the grip of the gun and then he pulls back and give me 2-3 bullets in close range.

  2. Marvin Hunter says:

    Good Nick but you may've wanted to speak about whether the bad guy made you feel a sense of urgency. In other words, because he was taking you guys to the back to do God knows what, as opposed to just wanting to be handed cash from the drawer. What might of helped is a well placed question, "Can we just give you all the money we have here in the register and we wait a while to call the cops?" Think about it if you're the majority of bad guys, that is probably all that you want, and he may just take the deal and avoid the whole wrestling with the gun risk.

  3. Arctic Gator says:

    That's the thing with a situation where an aggressor has a gun, you just do what they say, give them whatever they want, the caveat to that is there is a point where you have no choice but to fight. If the robber decides he wants to move you to another location it could mean they want to do more than just rob you, they may want to rape or murder you in a place where they have privacy and the upper hand, in that situation you should probably fight because the longer you leave yourself in that situation the less chances you have to survive and escape.

  4. Zibba says:

    Can you do a close up on how you grab/trap the gun i.e hand/finger placement? I feel like there's probably some key details on that, that we can't see that would be helpful.

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