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22 thoughts on “Gun Defense Tips

  1. Alejandro Romero Osnaya says:

    hey nick, how about picking out street fights videos from youtube and break them down? real fights happen so fast, but having them on video gives us a chance to point out rights and wrongs. that would be very useful.

    huge fan, here.

  2. kylemlm says:

    The gun would have gone off & maybe hit the cashier. His hands went above the weapon which is a no-no but he improvised and made it work. This takes a lot of training = years plus adding the attacker is a southpaw .I like Nick videos because of his street smarts.

  3. J BONE says:

    Imo do not do this unless your trained at it. Most are not so just give them whatever they want. Don't be the hero over store goods or money. All replaceable. Your not!!

  4. LonelyLife says:

    Your going to help me alot cause i am a kid and i live in like a Bad town and also my friend friends brother Almost killed me my defense was running like lighting and dillon step in cause it wasa his brother and took the knife

  5. krylonking420s says:

    I'm sorry but at first as soon as you grabbed the gun, it was pointed right at your stomach for a sec that's all it takes. The gun barrel past your center because you want for a inward joint lock not an outward joint lock.

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