Guide to Gladiator fight training – BBC History



Ex-Monty Python Terry Jones dresses up as a gladiator to learn a little more about life in Ancient Rome. Learn the training methods and fighting styles employed …

28 thoughts on “Guide to Gladiator fight training – BBC History

  1. Dio says:

    I did a gladiator training camp, fought my brother (younger) and won, my other brother (older) was the empower, my little brother said”kill me so I don’t have to be with you sucky brothers” and my older brother spared him and said” suffer” we then fought against our teacher (literally everyone that attended the camp) and we still lost

  2. MosquitoHunter says:

    Terry Jones and Tony Robinson both produce awesome history shows, mostly due to the fact that they both usually take part in whatever role they're describing. I'd love to see another series like 'medieval lives' but about ancient rome.

  3. Dklpep Dklpep says:

    All it takes is a split second for a weapon to find its mark..being under that net would mean almost certain death. Seems a little goofy but unless you managed to roll and get that thing right off you immediately, it would most likely obstruct your movement enough to get you killed.

  4. J says:

    Step 1, completely forget about your shield, it's not there to protect you! It's just a cool looking counterbalance that should be behind you as much as possible!

  5. The Beyonder says:

    Same as tournaments in medieval times yes it was about killing and no its not about killing ! some times it was some times it was not like criminals aren't Gladiator i bet it was rare for criminals to becoming a Gladiator like in films lol
    Brave men vs brave men poor vs poor rich vs rich lol world as not changed much really even low we gone throw evil times !

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