Guardian Tactical Patron knife First look on YouTube.

From the website PATRON FOLDER — The Patron Folder is slated to launch on 01/01/2013 and incorporates the latest …

45 thoughts on “Guardian Tactical Patron knife First look on YouTube.

  1. Chris says:

    hey man, i just got my Patron the other day….WOW this knife is amazing. It's the best value I have ever spent on a knife, what you get for $300-400 is really good..i have many customs and this is by far the smoothest knife i own. I live in Mass too so they are very close if i need a sharpening or warranty. They also have a no questions asked warranty/repair service, send it in for sharpening or any repair in the life of the knife, and they will fix for $10 return shipping, even better than strider! cant beat that!

  2. Knifeguy says:

    Great question,, sorry I don't know. I've wondered myself? It holds up pretty well. I've done some light wood cutting and it didn't phase it. A couple spots on the spine show wear from pocket carry.

  3. Maverick X says:

    lol… other than what's on their website, we have some state and local agency SWAT teams on-line. Also, I'll comment briefly on the Microtech relationship… basically the principal engineer/designer @ GT was the #1 engineer @ Microtech. He maintains the thought leadership and innovation, and has future GT designs in the works that will amaze knife fanatics… Keep your eye on this company.

  4. Knifeguy says:

    Hey thanks for watching! Even more thanks for your service! It's great to hear from an insider, that's been involved. Exactly what tactical teams are carrying GT?,,,, or would you have to kill me if you told me? ,, bahaha I actually read about that on their website,,, very cool

  5. Knifeguy says:

    Thanks for commenting. I had only seen the designs on line before getting the patron in my hands. I read that Ratwork designed the bearing system for both Guardian Tactical and the MRX. It's very very smoooooth! The torture machine they built at Ratworx for that chain knife ,,,,100,000 openings and closings so far I think is very impressive!)

  6. Knifeguy says:

    Hey thanks for watching! Yeah the pocket clip is long if that's something you don't prefer. I failed to mention in the vid that it tip up right hand only.

  7. Maverick X says:

    Great review! I was involved with GT USA on their Helix project and know first hand the quality and engineering that go into each of their knives. These guys are the real deal and are constructing highly reliable, quality, purpose built tactical knives. Their Helix model was designed as an operator grade folder, and is used by our tactical team. Keep up the excellent reviews and spreading the word on Guardian Tactical USA. You'll be glad you bought one of their knives! Stay safe…

  8. Knifeguy says:

    Thanks Tito!! I agree this knife should be a great worker! I love all the technology built in and it's so smooth and solid. Some "tactical" knife designs have terrible ergos and fantasy blades. This one is very comfortable, and the blade shape should be a good user!) Thanks for watching!) ✌

  9. Knifeguy says:

    Thanks for subscribing and watching! I have no idea about the relationship other than what I mentioned in the video. I wish someone would've interviewed them at Blade show. This knife would please both Microtech fans and haters in hand IMHO.

  10. Knifeguy says:

    Great observations! I'm not sure on the name? I've looked it up as far as definitions and still don't know lol. Yeah the ergos are great with no hotspots!! Smoothest action I've owned too,,,, thanks!!

  11. knives save lives says:

    that's pretty funny. the second i saw the knife i said, "looks like a microtech," and 15 seconds after that you said it was developed by two former microtech employees. the influence certainly shows in the work. it looks like the socom i have except this one looks to have far better ergonomics. it reminds me of how kershaw got its start by pete kershaw after he left gerber. i wonder if it's pronounced paytrun though as they aren't a spanish company.

  12. Knifeguy says:

    @Dean O ,,, Great question. The angle on the secondary bevel is the same throughout. Sharpening won't be different or affected. Man this action is smooooth. Flicking her now!!

  13. Knifeguy says:

    @TheApostleP That's why I thought it needed mentioning. If you ask me it adds credibility. I think Microtech fans, and haters will appreciate these.

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