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15 thoughts on “GROUND KNIFE FIGHTING DVD by Luke Holloway

  1. Mark Wilson says:

    The reality is most of us.. will not experience these situations.. but remember… Only needs to happen once.. The experiences I had in the Miliatary in no way compared to the experiences I had at 20 yrs of security in the club and music industry… Oh no a Bouncer is speaking..2000 people at a Slayer show… Mosh pits and party favors, 100 plus degrees, brass knuckles and spin kicks..The more you practice, the better prepared your for the 1 in a million. Keep it simple and do so with intent WIN

  2. BlackDice572 says:

    Great stuff. Its nice to see very similar principles to what you teach in standing in play in the ground-work. It just hits home that everything should be quite instinctive.

    Thanks for posting. Its always very enlightening.

  3. CNCTEMATIC says:

    Wow. This is really impressive. First time I've seen you show some ground work and it kicks ass. In fact first time I've seen anyone show defending against someone who pulls a knife on you on teh ground. Great stuff

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