Ground Fighting Tips with a Bob Dummy



Learn the Top 5 Self-Defense Strikes: ▻ Get a Bob Dummy (Amazon) ▻ Here are ground …

24 thoughts on “Ground Fighting Tips with a Bob Dummy

  1. Nate Nugent says:

    Great video, but where I come from the laws surrounding use of force would land you in jail for many years with what you have just exhibited. Teaching skills for survival is very important, but teaching skills that keep you out of jail is paramount. You do not want to win the fight and lose the legal battle.

  2. Alejandro Romero Osnaya says:

    nick. great tips as always. I was wondering if you have any tips on how to contain a person without striking, like if i had to deal with a drunk friend, or an enraged co-worker or a girl gone mad. in those situations life is not necessarily at risk. striking, elbowing someone drunk or making a co-worker bleed or pulling a woman's hair wouldn't make me look good, so what could i do?

    any feedback would be appreciated. thanks again for your great videos.

  3. Wusong Wusong says:

    That kick to the head should've been the first thing to do, IMHO ! The other thing's – hmm…if we talk about a multiple attacker's, in 99% of the cases, you don't have time to deal so long with the guy on the ground, the other's are very close and they will attack you immediately ! 😉

  4. Tao Quan says:

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