Ground Fighting Knife Defense Tips

Visit our self-defense website: ▻ As you can see, a knife fight on the ground is extremely dangerous! This is …

5 thoughts on “Ground Fighting Knife Defense Tips

  1. Rooroo92 says:

    Good video Nick, I notice you all have the white shirts to assess the damage too. There's another tactic that is worth trying for this, but you must be quick. Aswell as your kicks wait for the attacker to plant his foot relatively close enough so you can trap it by wrapping your leg around it. Then with the other leg press beneath the knee and this almost always results in them falling back, allowing you a quick opportunity to get back up. There might be other traps too like this aswell.

  2. david reutz says:

    The speed of the knife attacks are realistically scary. Thanks for keeping it real, Nick. Not too many self defense instructors cover this topic at this scary real life speed or even from the ground position. Valuable video.

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