Ground Fighting for the Streets – Bojuka Self Defense NOT MMA

2009 Canadian Bojuka Self Defense Conference Master Instructor Chad Barry This is a simple and effective self defense technique for …

25 thoughts on “Ground Fighting for the Streets – Bojuka Self Defense NOT MMA

  1. Daniel Skipp says:

    Repeatedly hitting back with the tricep [can't really be called a good elbow strike] is not terrible but missing a trick and giving away everything [OK, it is terrible]. Don't let the fucker up to posture and pound you. Hold him down. Better to immediately flow from the 1st hit to grinding down the side of his head, to clawing his face, i.e.gouging his eyes, while simultaneously striking him again in the KO spots around his brainstem with your left hand. Keep the left pinning him down or just hammerfist his brainstem repeatedly while still gouging his eyes. You can flow from that into ripping his face, at the nose, the eyes, the chin, the hair or fish-hooking the mouth or ripping the ear back to crank his neck. The throat crush and rip is also possible. This flows straight into a sweep to gain mount or roll away as he shows. If he turns his head one or both hands can still find his eyes or at least tear at something. If he pulls up just hook his neck and pull him back down into a tigerclaw or elbow to the eyes, jaw, throat or base of nose and neck crank and sweep for mount or escape, as he shows. Train it, carefully.

  2. BADALEX says:

    Or broken bottles on the ground or other random pointy garbage that can cause you to have a bad time.

    Eh, all this go to the ground, not go to the ground…seriously, people seem to have forgotten the whole "Punch the guy in the nose" technique.

    That one works fairly well.

  3. KralleCR says:

    @99snappy seriously? your the one not being logical. If someone is punching it is really easy to slap the punch away from yourself, you hit them at/behind the elbow for effective leverage. If its ground and pound, the person punching might also use gravity to throw the punch, so when you move them, it throws them off and they can descend further than they intend. He counters very forcefully by grabbing the head and torquing it at the neck.

  4. IronMongoose1 says:

    First, sure, don't even TRY to sprawl. Second, who tackles and then places his head to the side like that? Third, sure, roll the guy over, then give him your back. You really can't figure out how to transition from mount to kneeride to get off the guy safely, and would rather do THAT??? There are so many gross errors in this video, it boggles the mind. I was checking out the school for a visit to Calgary, and to possibly refer my friends. Glad I saw these vids so I can DErecommend this program.

  5. richp860 says:

    Very good stuff right here.. tactical ground fighting is COMPLETELY different than sport grappling. Sport grappling is great stuff, don't get me wrong.. but this is the real deal for combatives.

  6. stephenvaldes says:

    deflecting his blows with your hand seems awfully risky. its been my experience that if i let the attacker posture up. the first thing he does is try to grab my (left) wrist, then he starts striking.

  7. Chad Barry says:

    I completely agree with staying on your feet. In a street confrontation the last place you want to end up is on the ground. This technique assumes that your stand-up defense (sprawl or other) has failed and he already has you off balance and falling backwards. It's simply trying to make good out of a bad situation.

  8. Chad Barry says:

    Going to the ground is the last place you ever want to be in a real confrontation. This application assumes everything else has failed and you're taken down. You simply have to make the best of a bad situation.

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