Grip Strength,Bowie Knives, and Backcuts.

Here are some tips, items, and ideas on maximizing flexible grip strength to enhance ability with larger knives. Of course this short video does not include every …

10 thoughts on “Grip Strength,Bowie Knives, and Backcuts.

  1. Jason Ellsworth says:

    I have the Hibben 4 which is a three pound machete made out of high carbon steel. They retail for 40.00 and are damn near indestructible. However, I always tell my buds if you don't have serious grip strength it will get you by the booboo, and is a very, very unforgiving instrument once you get the weight behind it.

  2. David Karasurov says:

    Like the Romans did. They used wooden weapons for training which were trice as heavy as the regular ones. I love your vids. You are the one who know what he is talking about. Keep up the great work. Thank you.

  3. Gus McRae says:

    Hey John! Good idea for getting ready to use the Bowie efficiently. I was blessed with good forearms and a strong hand grip. At one point when I was younger, I had 14 1/4" forearms. (my biceps were 15" not much of a difference) Lots of people offered to hand wrestle me…and many lost with frowns and shocked looks. I was 6'1" and weighed 175. The bigger guys thought they would win easily. lol Some of those wiry fellows took my arm down though. haha! It was all much fun! I done a LOT of axe work and brush clearing work in my life, and this helped develop my forearms and hand strength early on. I also exercised with weights later during some special training.This looks like a great way to train. I will try this and build up best I can. I'm about to start a new training regimen for disabled folks. Your suggestion is very timely! 
    This is really great training you suggest…to handle a big Bowie…for sure!
    Thanks much, John! Hope you are doing very well, friend.

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