Grid Down – 1st 10 Things That WILL Happen in the Immediate Aftermath



This is a look at 10 things that we will have to face if we encounter a grid down event. They are Not in order of importance or chronological order. Thanks for …

27 thoughts on “Grid Down – 1st 10 Things That WILL Happen in the Immediate Aftermath

  1. Darkness Nation says:

    Assuming that if the grid goes down like the great blackout that affected California, is that for the first 12 hours it may be peaceful if you don't take into consideration traffic accidents. People will be having bbq's outside and firing up their grills. People will talk and look for comfort from their fellow neighbors as they attempt to contact family and friends. People will be too tired from going from point a to b to actually try to start anything….. they will only want food and information.

    After 12 hours if there is no notice of the grid going back up than what you say probably will come to pass. That is taking into consideration that it is only a grid down scenario… if there was some kind of external emergency that caused it that people were warned about minutes or seconds before the grid went down that can change the whole dynamic and people may go from comfort and information gathering into survival mode.

  2. thastinger345 says:

    Cash will be accepted for a while, if you can find a place able to check you out without barcode scanners and a cashier able to make change without the readout.
    Wife wears heels to work everyday, she has hiking boots and thick socks in her get home bag in her vehicle
    People stuck on the interstates will descend like locusts onto the surrounding countryside, read what happened in Germany at the end of WWII with the exodus , 15 miles on either side of the road was stripped bare.

  3. Mark Skarfnweld says:

    1 week… That's all you need… 1 week.
    After 1 week a huge portion of the inner cities will be dead or starving or freezing/heat stroking.

    Once the dead start piling up in homes the people left will burn them.. And the cities down by design or accident.

    Those that manage to walk out will be so exhausted that they will pose little threat to a well organized, armed and fed group.

    Sure there will be a few strong bands BUT they will be disheartened after watching loved ones die.
    And those that were addicted to ANYTHING will be even weaker than the rest.

    So hunker down for a week.. Keep alert and active in your area for 3 weeks and after 4 weeks parties can sorte out to scavenge and make contact with other groups in order to build a security network of like minded groups who have the manpower to eliminate gangs and thugs….

  4. Guy308 says:

    I live in CA and if your not being told to evacuate your being told your electricity will be turned off or is off already. PG&E said to us that this will be the new Norma for the next ten year’s. 10yrs! Christ we’re fucked. Then come 2020 ICE will go house to house. Talks of a recession bigger than the last coming. The writing is on the way all but the sound of silence rules. I’m prepped but I am still scared. There can be no courage without fear.

  5. Charlie Wood says:

    I'm a retired firefighter and let me tell you when shit hits the fan don't count in ant emergency services we would only give service for up for 24 hours because when I was at the fire station one night me and the other fire fighters were talking when the shit hits the fan and the first wind we get off it being a shit hits the fan we are abandoning our duties to head home to our family but if the power is out for exactly 24 hours we are abandoning our duties to go home to our family

  6. Dylan Fiddler says:

    I lived throu Yugoslavia civil war, life goes on normal, there is still electricity, food, jobs, ect. All you have to do is get food supply, weapons and a lot of friends on your side. When trucks of armed soldiers come and they will come to massacre all of you that you will have more chance to fight back. But they will kill you a lot of you if you are at the wrong place at the wrong moment… Peace

  7. A. Citizen says:

    If all the cell phones went out today, for many, it would be like the grid has gone down. Just think if it lasted a few days, people will go stone crazy. That addiction is very strong and the withdrawals will be deadly for this country.

  8. Leigh Calmes says:

    Regarding police and fire personnel. They will be working in a grid down situation, but here is the issue with that. There vehicles will continuously need gasoline and if the power is down, then gas pumps are down. During Hurricane Harvey, a couple of years ago, the media got a rumor started that there was no gasoline in Houston (untrue) and so there was a run on gasoline in the Dallas area. Many stations ran out of gas and people were stranded. Police and fire departments had to work with stores who still had gasoline to preserve enough gasoline so that they could operate their vehicles.

  9. Boone Dog says:

    Well done! The sad thing is that most people don't believe our grid will go down. Those of us who know this is a high probability, know it's just a matter of time.

  10. Valerie Bronz says:

    Excellent report. I was in the ice storm in Maine in middle of winter back in 80s we were with out power for a month. All u mentioned came to pass with the exception of violence. The neighbors were wonderful people that had radios that still worked with batteries announced on the radio station things they had extra of like wood to burn for heat and they shared the people were all wonderful to each other I believe the difference is they were areas that still had power the one thing that struck me the most was the gas stations you could not get gas I never thought of the fact that they were electric pumps.

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