Green Beret/Army Ranger vs Filipino Martial Artist: Full, detailed breakdown [SHOCK KNIFE in play]



From initial contact to fight termination, here is a full breakdown of the “shock knife fight” between GN and Green Beret/Army Ranger/Special Forces Sniper and …

26 thoughts on “Green Beret/Army Ranger vs Filipino Martial Artist: Full, detailed breakdown [SHOCK KNIFE in play]

  1. theFormidable1 says:

    that first stab could've been fatal. I myself watching all these YouTube videos on how to disarm a person with a knife then I had to defend my cousin from a neighbor that came with two knives one in each hand, I couldn't do the 2 on 1 wrist control and even trying the 1 on 1 was risky AF luckily his anger was focused on her and all the time I was trying to talk sense into him, I felt I could've died that day.

  2. D Nelson says:

    But Tim is not the average person. Not at all . And an average person would have been stabbed several times and this altercation probably wouldn’t have made it to the ground. You are tangled up with a guy like Tim that can fight is strong as hell super fast and has actually been in a real fight. So he is going to do well in this situation. But none the less this was super badass .

  3. Neko Gammi says:

    Just so you know friend I'm got stabbed through the kidney.never knew during the fight.beat the shit out the guy then passed my instructors was a cop talked about how some people could run a 100 yard after getting shot in heart.a fight never over till you know it's over.and then check twice

  4. Neko Gammi says:

    As fast as that was you are both dead.ju jitsu good for full body for wing chung are with the arms.people should keep in mind that the empty hand martial arts are a way dealing when your faced with weapon.which in training a weapon is a martial art in self so you defend you weapon.once you go down the rabbit hole it never end

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