Great Basic Karambit Techniques – KARAMBIT HUBUD DRILL

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35 thoughts on “Great Basic Karambit Techniques – KARAMBIT HUBUD DRILL

  1. Patrick Wilson says:

    When you extend to cut the artery near the groin, do you think you have enough of a grip and force to ripe into skin? I just barely started training with the Karambit and was wondering.

  2. zeroa6 says:

    Hello Paul!
    I want to know if your Kerambit DVD has many solo trainig, because is the only posibility I have today. The same question about other DVD´s. ¿What do you think is better for my solo conditioning?.

  3. Richard Peterson says:

    Despite my inability to buy your dvds,i am a full have simple to follow videos,and common sence techniques that can be applied to an actuall defence situation.keep up the good fight

  4. Kali Center says:

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  5. Kali Center says:

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  6. Kali Center says:

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  7. aerospike00 says:

    +Kali Center Can you do a video on how to use dual karambits? I use two and can flip both simultaneously, but i don't have a decent technique that effectively engages both blades at once.

  8. Camron Chrisman says:

    loving the Karambit videos guys. i just recently obtained my pwn Karambit and have been practicing the flipping and take down from the other two videos. great job guys keep it up!
    thank you

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