Grappling with a Knife

It’s scary just thinking about it. You’re in a fight and its gone to the ground. A knife is pulled out. What do you do? In this video by Eli Knight, an option is …

29 thoughts on “Grappling with a Knife

  1. Mike Duke says:

    Burton Richardson taught the same maneuver he's showing at the beginning for isolating the arm and getting some initial control. Me and my training partners worked it and did some full speed and aggression live training starting from the guard. It's a nightmare place to be but that first part can definitely work and buy you time, ideally to access your own weapon, imo. I don't want to continue on empty handed if I don't have to. Always have a weapon.

  2. ChamorruWarrior says:

    Everyone saying this technique is sketchy and won't work… It's not like he said "Oh, yeah, this is a really easy and totally simple position to escape from." This is just a response that COULD work. You're probably gonna die if that person REALLY wants to kill you. However, I've done grappling sparring with a knife before and I've pulled off disarms and stuff from bottom, it's not impossible.

  3. Chris Hatton says:

    Thank you for a knife system that looks like it is actually worth practicing,, I feel that is a realistic scenario, like something ya mite encounter at work in security,, and for the haters every scenario on the street will be different, take what you can from the video and adapt it to suit real life situations, the videos are learning tools not a get out of jail free card from a knife fight

  4. Stephen Needham says:

    The guy was fast enough to get you on your back on the ground but you think now, hold his wrist here, bend his arm there, and how did you end up on your back again? Oh, that's right, he's faster and stronger than you but once he gets you on your back Funker Tactical showed you exactly what to do. As you're thinking about it he bites your nose off and spits it in your face but Funker said "grab him by his left ear unless he has his feet crossed and then it occurs to that you are fucked. Where was that in your lesson video? OK, hang on, let me rewind… almost there…

  5. Timothy Holley says:

    What you guys need to realize is that this is showing what you could do, not should. What you SHOULD do is avoid the situation at all costs. If you're on the bottom and someone draws a knife on you, you can either squirm and try to kick them off, or use jiu jitsu to at least stand a chance. This is a demonstration, not a tutorial. No one is going to be able to do this without extensive training, and even then, there's so many variables at play that your chances are still pretty bad.

  6. Kobies Boxing says:

    Seeing videos like this makes me want to work even harder on my take down defense because it's bad enough having to worry about somebody trying to punch you, or lock your limb, or choke you out, or all of the above while they're on top of you. But now I got to worry about somebody trying to stab or shoot me while their on top. Man!, I swear sometimes it's just better to use verbal Judo just to escape all of these life or death situations that even a well trained grappler would have problems escaping.

  7. vrcdragan says:

    the chances that this can work, are very limited. There is a reason why the police, army and our ancestors had protections: a knife cut is actually very, very dangerous. Many movies shows stupid and crazy staff against blades and they minimize the danger. but again, you must do what you can to save your life, if and only if you go to the ground.

  8. Polimorfos Nuclear says:

    BullS. There is no reality on those teachings. More than 20 complex moves!!!, on the ground!!!, on a Extreme Stress situation, That occurs in 1-2 seconds!!!! Life/Death situation!!!

    Really a BS teaching.

    Thats exactly why KRAVMAGA and others systems aré the ones to learn if you you want Reallistic Teachings.

  9. MrKahunadog says:

    Seriously this is a fkd up technique to show trained or untrained people. It's flawed from the get go. I will consider creating a video just to refute this crap. I will wear my ninja or luchador mask if I do.

  10. MrKahunadog says:

    I gotta call bullshit on this. 1. closed guard with overhook 2. Let knife out 3. Pass knife

    That shit will get you killed.
    vs you end up on the bottom-
    1. technical get up
    2. sprawl & drag his face in the deck
    3. knee him in the head, soccer kick the face
    4. break contact or Draw and move off line.

    I admit I am a keyboard warrior. But somehow I'm also an Alliance 4stripe brown, and Full Dog Bros. I've a 100+ rds on the ground with a knife as well.
    This video above would be hard even for the most seasoned sport bjj player.

    why the fk let the knife out in the first place?
    He goes to the waistline Kimura it. Simple.

  11. Vlad Danila says:

    this is too complicated for a survival situation. first of all in the street you go batshit crazy when you're on the ground, you don't wait for a weapon to be pulled. If the knife is pulled, then you're gonna be stabbed. that is no position to control a knife..

  12. Fun With Guns says:

    too many moving parts. I really dont see anyone being able to do this in real life. I love yalls videos but this is just asking too much from yourself and would probably get you stabbed.

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