Grandmaster Remy A. Presas Sr. Knife defense demo

This is an amazing demonstration of knife defense technique by the late, great Grandmaster Remy Presas Sr. Not only does this video show you how to execute …

16 thoughts on “Grandmaster Remy A. Presas Sr. Knife defense demo

  1. George Dubois says:

    Most of that shit goes right out the window in a real knife fight ive actually pressure tested alot of this stuff with markers and a rubber knife ive tested knive defence from different ma but for the most part this shit dont work under pressure and resistance

  2. Nicholas Desposito says:

    You don't become a Grandmaster by just being good. The Professor's knowledge and ability flowed like water. He was a pleasure to watch and because of that he was an excellent teacher, as evidenced by the success of his students: in particular Datu Kelly Worden!

  3. Manuel Luiz says:

    The Portuguese Fernao de Magalhaes was killed after was injured by an arrow shot in the leg abandoned by its Spanish sailors and being in water knee level he could not do much.All the rest is bullshit propaganda to sell the Kali and FMA to USA.The Portuguese swordsman killed many Silat warriors in Melaka wars as well dueling killing samurai in Japan.

  4. erwin cabillas says:

    who said that your professor was feared of ? if you would compare this to aikido, i dont thnk so .. a self defense is not a way to harm against one and aikido doing this kind of thing .and if think of fearing ,you should feared of with steven seagal .

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