Grand Way Fixed Throwing Military Camo Knife – Tactical Survival Non Folding Knife – Best for Sport and Camping Competition – Good Fix for Fighting, Rescue, Survival and Hunting FL 10801

Price: $50.00

The GrandWay FL10801 is a throwing knife with a clip point and not sharpened false edge. The knife is made of 420 steel grade, sharpened from one side. This knife is well suited for training and subsequent throwing at different distances.
The shape of the knife gives certain versatility – it is suitable for throwing at different types of targets. Different types of throws are especially good when using this knife.
In addition, the mass-dimensional characteristics of this knife make it a fully functional replacement for your basic inconvenient knife, for instance, if you accidentally left it at home. It also can be used as an additional knife, so if you take the knife FL10801 with you, there is no need to worry about the fact that your main knife will break.
The handle of the knife is formed with the winding of the tang with a black paracord. If necessary, it can be replaced with something more practical or bright in color (preventing the loss of a knife in the field).
This model also includes a fabric sheath for carrying.
The knife can be used not only for throwing, but as a normal knife.
Throwing knives are also used in sport and could be a good gift for birthdays, men days, any date dedicated to friendship or anniversary, any occasion to make nice to your brother, co-worker, boys and guys.

BLADE LENGTH: 165 ММ (6,49″)
BLADE WIDTH: 35 ММ (1,378″)
HANDLE LENGTH: 100 ММ (3,937″)
OVERALL LENGTH: 265 ММ (10,433″)
WEIGHT: 180G (6,35oz)

GRAND WAY is engaged in production and development of projects of knives (folding, hunting, tactical, souvenir, etc., with more than 1000 species.) under its own brand for over 15 years. Our goal is to bring together all the best, devised and tested over the years in the knife industry.

THROWING KNIFE WITH CLIP POINT CAMO BLADE designed and weighted for effective target throws. Sharpened on one side and reinforced with the false edge.
PERFECT LIGHTWEIGHT KNIFE FOR EVERYTHING – Camping, Hiking, Backpack, Trainings & Sport, Military & Army needs, Outdoor activities, Survival, Self Defense, Emergencies.
420 PAINTED STAINLESS STEEL – excellent balance of hardness, corrosion resistance and softness that protects the blade from undesirable destruction. Provides sharp pointing performance and high durability.
PARACORD HANDLE WRAP gives the handle greater traction, making it easier to hold and widens the range of its application. Nylon rope & cord used widely throughout all branches of the military and civilian use and has different strength grades.
COMES WITH FREE SHEATH – this solid and practical holder allows you to wear the knife on your belt. The multifunctional sheath is made of heavy duty black cordura fabric. A good gift idea for a man or a woman in your life.

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