Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Modified for Law Enforcement & Military Professionals

— An encounter between a military/law enforcement professional and suspect is vastly different from a street fight or a …

38 thoughts on “Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Modified for Law Enforcement & Military Professionals

  1. Ronin ValeTudo says:

    Very intelligent strategy. You should always train expecting the opponent:

    1) to be armed with a knife or a firearm
    2) to have an accomplice (even if one is not immediately seen)
    3) to be a skilled fighter.

  2. Different Wavelength says:

    Hey Renner… Check out this pig using Gracie Jiu Jitsu (73 second rear naked choke) to kill an unarmed man not resisting. "Bodycam Shows Cop Use Stun Gun On Man in Fatal Encounter." ("A Las Vegas police officer used a stun gun seven times and a mixed martial arts chokehold to subdue an unarmed man who died after a foot chase through a casino over the weekend")I guess the cops are sometimes the "bad guys" wouldn't you say?

  3. pearler uanir says:

    Law enforcement/military only ?I AM a fan of your brother loved watching him work , in the octagon . Now you teach with prejudice selectively ;)?  Simple one point thought . You have a space anything in that space can hurt you ;). You  say ambush ? The bad guys bring their  guns 😉 Promise .

  4. Doug Wilson says:

    This is why people are getting shot for no reason…..This is in no way integrated with de-escalation. It prepares officers to always be amped up and ready for an ambush in which they will have to fight for their lives and their own weapons will always be used against them, which creates the type of anticipatory bias we keep seeing in the streets. If an officer is trained to think their weapons are always a hazard, then a suspect always has a weapon in the mind of such an officer….. 

  5. pedro90 says:

    Not true, it becomes a different style of jiujitsu. All the japanese styles come from different people taking the arts and putting their own spin on things.

  6. benj298 says:

    vs ête con vs dite que les combats sont pas juste c sure tbnk les policier on des arme pk on se gènerais a la jouer loyale alors que vs vs ête armer gang de marde

  7. albusai says:

    so one pays for it on line, and is a down loaded to keep on seeing it ? or is like a on line course and timeand the 395 dollars is for a time period ? i'm a cop in costa rica .. sorry for my spelling

  8. Kinos141 says:

    I'm not a law enforcement professional, but I've been jumped/ambushed in my neighborhood growing up. I can say they are right about hostile threats. I moved from there, but I'm always on edge, and now, I'll take this advice.

  9. michael gaines says:

    wow this has nothing at all to do with what i searched for and i wouldnt waste my time with anything the gracies have to 'teach' diving head first at my legs is the dumbest possible opening move you could ever make, and likely your last

  10. barrettokarate says:

    Go to Charles Gracie's website, he has a pretty updated family tree on there. There are a lot of names on there, and that's not even including distant relatives. Carlos and Helio's grandfather fathered several children, but only those from their father's (Gastao) lineage on down is listed.

  11. chordarrow1 says:

    Common knowledge. Training in a particular discipline is optional and preferential. Boxing, akido, atemi, judo, and ju jitsu would all apply in these professions. Time and dedication is what is subtracted, not just by a low budget, but by long and odd hours working overtime.

  12. ttfnist says:

    Its sad to see how law enforcement puts more emphasis on training than actual reasoning in complex situations. Knowing from experience, the law is not on your side when law enforcement comprehension levels are below eighth grade standards. Last point, they regain the fat when they are on duty, so is this actually useful when their fitness reduces and increase their fat production.

  13. MrGarky says:

    Guys, seriously. Stop feeding the troll.

    His purpose is to act stupid and get you to argue with him, so he can feel like he actually stood up for himself today…

  14. JD says:

    Some of the guys I work with are working through the Gracie University stuff with me because it was the best grappling instruction we could find that was available to us in our area. Wish we would have known about this, or it would have been available when I bought the university stuff because this is clearly more suited to LEO use. Great product guys, keep up the good work. Maybe we can end up with this one at some point in the future.

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