Grabbing the Slide and Firing | Polenar Tactical

We got an interesting question on our previous video: “…is it possible to hold a gun’s slide when it’s fired so that you prevent a new round from entering the …

19 thoughts on “Grabbing the Slide and Firing | Polenar Tactical

  1. JustinDL97 says:

    Is this bad for the gun in any way? Because if not you could do this intentionally to avoid a casing being ejected and leaving evidence. I’m a writer so I’m always looking for new clever ways to get away with crimes and things like that, but of course not in real life. Just in case you’re watching fbi.

  2. Brad Haggins says:

    All of you are saying “don’t try this on a revolver if you like your fingers” well, technically if the revolver wasn’t cocked you could hold onto the cylinder hard enough to where it can’t revolve thus “jamming” the gun until you lose your grip. Not saying to try this at home, but if crackhead at 3:00 a.m. sticks a revolver in your face it wouldn’t be the worst thing to try.

  3. Josh Rick says:

    Completely accurate, I grabbed what looked like a rusty crusty 1911 clone in early 2007 while being mugged but I was really really lucky on that grab and a little (lot) drunk so even luckier. Didn't do anything to the grab hand during the only shot fired but mangled my knuckles after we both rolled left. After the tumble, I threw it at the dude running away just clipped his head, he kept going before getting run over by a truck. I figured that was enough karma for the turd and tossed it into the potomac. He died later on the ride to the hospital so win win.

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