28 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay gets angry over a steak

  1. Philipp Prowse says:

    I worked in Hotels and Restaurants for amost 15 years in Berlin and I always cried in disbelief when someone ordered a Steak well done!! Why the hell do you kill it twice?? Of course a Steak tastes overcocked if you order it well done… Many costumers try to explain it in germany that they order it this way so that there is no more blood left inside. How f*ckin' stupid is that!?!?!?

  2. Furqan Shah says:

    So a little secret of mine. I'm South Asian and we tend to cook our foods a lot especially meats because we don't have a broader understanding of how certain meats should be cooked. So only recently did I realize that the damn steaks that I hated eating was because I was cooking them WELL DONE….After reading so many comments I decided to cook it medium rare. That shit tasted so good, that I couldn't even believe I had been eating dried overcooked meat. I have converted over but my fam is still on the WELL DONE side. Hopefully they convert over.

  3. Super Saiyan Rosé says:

    Who orders a well done stake in the first place? Why even go to a nice restaurant if your just gonna ruin a good steak by asking for i to be well done smh. If you want a well done steak go buy taco bell or something thats just a waist of a chefs time asking for a well done steak.

  4. riffgroove says:

    This is why I don't eat in steak-houses.
    Ask for it any more than medium and you may as well ask the chef to wipe his ass with it. A fancy schmancy steak-house considers it an insult when you ask for a well-done steak.
    That being said, that steak looked great to me. Blood pooling in the bottom of my plate grosses me out. And the last thing I want it to do is fart at me the second I put my fork into it.
    If a chef at a Gordon Ramsey steak-house considers it un-servable, that's probably exactly how I like it.

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