GOLD SHIELD AND KNIFE! TIPS AND TRICKS – Modern Warfare – Platinum Melee Weapons



I’ve unlocked GOLD CAMO for the Shield and Combat Knife! So allow me to simultaneously brag and assist you in unlocking this camo for yourself!! #CalOfDuty …

35 thoughts on “GOLD SHIELD AND KNIFE! TIPS AND TRICKS – Modern Warfare – Platinum Melee Weapons

  1. Giuliano Mango says:

    riot shield / knife
    any AR with low ads and concussive/flash/smoke underbarrel (with munitions box + tune up)
    sleight of hand as well!
    double time / cold blooded (against vtols etc)
    overkill / ghost
    amped / tune up + dead silence
    stun grenades / stim
    throwing knife (fastest with amped) / Thermite / Molatov

    Try that out for behind/crouch/2,3streak kills, or just any kill.


  2. Sam Ratcliffe says:

    There is no skill to these challenges anymore it's all down to luck. You have to play hardcore to get the shield kills but every other person now runs thermite and most have discovered if you jump you can shoot over the shield usually get 2/3 kills before getting slotted by one of my own team

  3. Jonny Boy32313 says:

    So there I was, 12:45 am. My eyes were heavy and my hands were shaky. It’s just me and modern warfare. It’s just me and the riot shield. All I need is 3 more 3 kills without dying to get her in gold. I had been at it for hours. I should’ve really just gone to bed. But no. I was so close. Just 9 kills. Hardcore Crash comes on. This is it, i knew what I had to do. The map loads and as soon as the counter reached zero I ran as fast as I could with my knife towards the restaurant. As soon as I got in there I switched to my riot shield and I sat there. Waiting. When suddenly a thunderous explosion is heard from the first floor. The doors were busted open and what sounded like the galloping of a thousand war horses is heard heading towards the second floor where I sat. Bam! The first of the horde of enemies was slain. Bam! Bam! That’s the other two who soon followed. That was it. Everything was going according to plan. All I needed was six more. The next three came in and I took them out as easily as I did the first. It’s as if the call of duty gods looked down upon me and smiled. Yes. I was right. This was the game to get me the ever elusive gold. I crouched at the second floor and killed a sucker trying to get in through the window. The fool! He never stood a chance. He came back but this time he tried from the first floor. Little did he know I was already waiting. He bursts through the bottom doors like a raging bull searching for his target. Eager to get to the second floor to hit me with his thermite. But he never looked left when he came in. He never saw me in the small closet just waiting. Waiting for him to come back for another chance to kill me. I turn on my dead silence and quickly follow after him and right as he turns… BAM! He falls. I hear a screech from his mic, “fucking idiot with the riot shield is still there”. Yes. I was still there. But who’s the real idiot? Perhaps he’s right and it was me. Me for taking on such a daunting task. Regardless, I had already chosen my path. It was too late to turn back. Besides, all I needed was just one more kill. So there I am. Waiting patiently like a venomous snake in its hole. Preparing to strike at the first victim that comes across my screen. However, they seemed to have gotten smarter. They weren’t rushing the restaurant anymore. My heart began to race. I could feel the throbs on my throat. My desperation began to get to my head. “Should I leave and look for the final kill?” “Should I go out there and just risk it all?” No! I had to snap out of it. It was either right then and there or never. But no one was coming in. The game score was already in the 60s. My time was running out. I needed that final kill. I was gripping my controller harder then a mom grips the grab handle when riding shotgun on her sons car. I was going to break. The score reached the 70s. That’s it. I could wait no more. So I got up and sprinted towards the stairs with my riot shield in hand when suddenly there he was. That dirty son of bitch was right there in front of me. Sneaking his way in with dead silence. Going for the man that has taken his life several times before. A final showdown for the ages. We both throw our attacks. He chucks the thermite! “Ha! He missed” I yell to myself before realizing that it got stuck to the wall behind me. The sparks igniting my screen as everything begins to fade to black. But no. I had gone so far. Too far to let it end that way. I lunged at him with a final blow to get my final kill. A final attempt to claim the gold that is so rightfully mine. When suddenly in a moment that I can only describe as a blur, I see the gold camo emblem pop up on the top of my screen. I did it. I had finally gotten the gold. The riot shield held no more power over me. I had finally conquered the beast. And then I went to bed.

  4. joe b says:

    I’m down to a handful of crouched kills, and 23 3 kill streaks, and I am absolutely dreading it. But I’ve already got the gold knife so I just need to finish this then I’m officially 3/4 of the way to Damascus

  5. l-smple-l says:

    I'm so glad I dome my shield first it was my first gold because I heard it was the hardest and I got it done in shipment 24/7 and I'm telling you i have PTSD when someone says kd drop or patience my kd went from 1.21 to a 1. And I'm not even done with the knife…

  6. Reuben S says:

    I'm not even joking. I saw these videos of how hard it is and got very nervous but I got gold
    Riot in about 2 hours, 2 1/2 hours of Hardcore shipment. It is very very use helpful nos that shipment 24/7 is out. The skulls were the hardest though

  7. Žonatan Rivera says:

    Kill 25 enemies without dying 2 times?

    Might as well uninstall my game, put my house up for sale, and hang myself in the backyard

    Fr though, love the vid. Currently grinding this gold shield. After this, easy pickins to Damascus.

  8. SharpShark200 says:

    Just started the damascus grind. I want to get all the annoying stuff out of the way, and this weekend was perfect, since there’s double exp, and shoot the ship. This video was great, it helped alot!

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