Sensei Max Beddow of Broseley Goju Ryu Karate Club demonstrates knife defence techniques sometimes known as tanto jutsu. For more details check out the …


  1. Ronin6575 says:

    An x block is a great way to get killed…..Yes, it can work, but only against a limited number of attacks…Against anyone with knife skills, this will end your life.

  2. Strelok says:

    Not gonna work…
    How bout if he shoulder tackles you first then stabs you in the gut.
    Usually knife attackers pretend to be just nobody's then suddenly pulls out the knife then attack.

  3. s216674 says:

    Goju is an excellent Karate style and is awesome for empty hand work. I have nothing but respect for Karateka. However, this knife defense is a recipe for disaster. Anyone with the most basic experience in knife work will simply jam your X block with their live hand and start pumping you like a sewing machine.

  4. Julien Masson says:

    Ask any average person to attack you with full intent not telling you were it's gonna come from (the way it will be in reality) and you'll see what I'm talking about… I'd challenge ANYONE to defend empty handed on my knife attacks and I can insure you that none of what you're doing will work, all you'll manage to do is getting stabbed or slashed multiple time…

  5. killerhater88 says:

    the defence toward the end is a alittle better when he slaps into the weapon arm. except for the whole twist the arm .. right after the elbow . follow through with a take down…

  6. killerhater88 says:

    theres to much steps in that… relying a fine motor movement x blocing is bad.. i dont think i need to explain why… these are tradition applications i suppose .. i dont know i never seen this method of defence for a knife

  7. Drake Perry says:

    @kenfo0 – Im retired Military, and worked 9 years in state corrections and probation; their isn't anything in Hell you can teach me. Their is no changing a persons outlook or opinion. thanks for the responses this subject is done.

  8. Drake Perry says:

    @kenfo0 – give the youtube community some credit; I think we all know these are demonstrations. Every situation is unique, and it seriously depends on the level of skill and brutality of the knife attacker. I respect your view but think it leans to far to the negative. I also give credit to your combat skills; most of the responded to this post are Martial Artist from novice to master. Each of our experiences shape our opinion. I also believe we all understand the lethality of the subject.

  9. Drake Perry says:

    @kenfo0 – anytime you are forced to fight against a weapon empty handed is a "last ditch effort", that still doesn't mean you don't practice countering, or get on the ("you gonna get cut") trip. Just because a guy has a knife doesn't mean he's gona win. I grew up in violent streets of Detroit, seen alot of sh#t, had a few scraps myself. Guys got beat down using a knife or other objects, against unarmed opponents on many occassions. Confidence, ability, skill, experience all make a difference.

  10. Hans yhp says:

    i live in singapore and i've never been attacked before . but i train goju ryu just in case i get attacked . just like the singapore police force says , low crime doesnt mean no crime

  11. Drake Perry says:

    @Shaddydad : I've never been attack by a knife before; but I have been attacked by a guy with a bat and one with a tire iron (I think); on seperate occassions. I beat both of them easily because my familiarity with weapon defense. It also helped that niether one of the guys were martial artist and came strait at me. I was scared but the fear goes away when you start thinking about technique and remaining confident in your skill. Believing in yourself counts alot.

  12. Drake Perry says:

    To all who think knife defense is not effective I strongly disagree. The keys are confidence, no hesitation, fierceness, "variety of drills", and sparring. Get your friends, associates, and dojo mates to attack you without restriction any way they can. I bet $20 to $50 bucks that they can't deliver a fatal blow. It really motivates them to do their best. Also tease and frustrate them so they will give it there all. Pls. provide intelligent responses only.

  13. JKDLIFER says:

    Good stuff, although incredibly difficult to pull off full speed. I still think Filipino's have some of the based defenses against knives, swords, sticks, etc.


  14. TheTaoofJKD says:

    @GHOST1SRR When you learn a thing or two about headbutts you realize that the shorter your are the better cause you can come up with the crown of your skull with positively devastating angles. Another thing is a smaller person is much harder to his making them fast and manuverable. Making it easy for them to attack the groin and knees of a bigger person. In a fight height and weight are not what matter, it's how you use your tools. Some of the smaller people are also the most dangerous.

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