GOD OF WAR Training | NECA Kratos Axe First Impressions

Hey FIT-GAMERS, In this FIT-GAMERS Fight Move, we take a first impression look at the NECA God of War Kratos Axe Foam Replica. It is a great training tool as …

25 thoughts on “GOD OF WAR Training | NECA Kratos Axe First Impressions

  1. Lucas Molina says:

    If you do a "How to fight like Kratos" and video game based self defense stuff would you guys also consider looking at fights from Detroit: Become Human. While its not a fighting game by any stretch there are a number of fight scenes that I'd say are worth looking.

  2. Javed Ahmed says:

    It would be fun to see you play the game, I highly recommend it and I think you'll love it! It will give some good moves for some Fit Gamer videos too. But the main question is who has a better beard, Joey or Kratos?

  3. edi says:

    I wonder, if you could swing a battle ready version. A 1:1 adaptation would probably weight like 30kg. Maybe a blade tapering from 5mm to 1.5mm, would make sense. That would be incredibly thin for an axe, but that's still in the realm of machetes and the like…

  4. Kevin RedBear Addison says:

    I held this ax at best buy.Its pretty awesome how you handled it!! I was gonna buy it at 1 point ,put feathers on it ,and make it like a native God of War ax..lol. The game is pretty awesome as well. Thanks for sharing Joey your the best!!
    Ps. The reason why I haven't bought it because I didn't have enough wall room. Still might buy it ,and put it away somewhere though.

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