Glock FN81 Tactical Knife Review & Field Test – Part 1



A subscriber sent me two amazing knives to test and play with. Here is part one of a two parter.

28 thoughts on “Glock FN81 Tactical Knife Review & Field Test – Part 1

  1. Sarlowe Z says:

    You don't offend us with the bottle opener, its true we love our beer and we aren't ashamed of it.
    But you offended us by saying its "Austro-German"?! What in hell should that be? This knife is Austrian just Austrian has nothing to do with Germany, Germany is a nother country.

  2. Rice V says:

    Okay so I just ordered one to see how it does but not due to this video. The 81 is a combat knife, not a damn bushcraft knife. I don't understand why all these people who claim to be "knife experts" take a combat knife out to the woods, beat the shit of it batoning logs, when it's a Combat Knife. Even if you were in the military and had this knife on you, you wouldn't be beating the holy Hell out of the only knife you have when anyone can make a huge fire with nothing with dead branches and twigs. I went camping for 3 days and I forgot my knife on the bed and I was able to make a fire every night no problem with just my leatherman and my ferro rod, and I just laugh at all these guys who rely so heavily on batoning. When my 81 arrives, it will be my combat knife, not my axe! My main knife I always use is either my Kabar 1217 or my Cold Steel Leatherneck in German D2 steel. I put many to shame just using my Leatherneck, and that knife is a true, fulll tang, with Kraton handle in wet surroundings, my 1217 is more for drier places to the south, but always take my Leatherman on my belt. This winter will probably be the coldest where I live so I will most likely be using my Kabar. But these 2 knives reign supreme!!!

  3. justin taylor says:

    I missed this video somehow on my first pass through your uploads. I seriously paused the video to put the knife in my wishlist on Amazon.
    Did you ever post the second part? I'm not seeing it.

  4. Patrick McLaughlin says:

    History fact for the day. Glock was originally a knife company and did guns after. Original military knife 1970s original Glock pistol 1980s. That knife paved the way. Pretty sure it would have to be a beast

  5. Randall Kelley says:

    Last weekend we conducted our annual Glock shoot. I RO'd both days and set up, so I received in today's mail, (&days later), a black, and a gray Glock knives, and a ten round Glock G-17 mag. The gray is very cool. It appears they are sending out only the serrated back models now, not sure, but last years and this years are all serrated…

  6. anotherrandomtexan25 says:

    is that Orange lemon hybrid tree on your property? we have one that makes them just like that! we had thought it was an orange tree and these weird giant thick skinned lemon tasting things first came out! we still have no idea what it really is, nice vid btw you really do test your blades!

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