Glock 78 – Throwing Test (No Spin/Half Spin/Spin)

More info about Glock 78: Great EDC Knife For Throwing! Enjoy -Interesting video about Glock 78: …

39 thoughts on “Glock 78 – Throwing Test (No Spin/Half Spin/Spin)

  1. Chris Donnelly says:

    As someone who has practiced throwing this particular tool for many countless hours I can tell I'm not the only one! That's some fine blade slinging! Wish I had three of them LOL I had two Clues that this was a great knife when I got it. 1 it said glock on it, and 2 it stopped a handloaded round from my 220 swift (3890 fps) dead in its tracks

  2. Jonáš Čížek says:

    Ahoj Adame,
    v první řadě, skvělé video :). Rád bych se tě ale zeptal, jak si myslíš, že půjde házet s nožem golck FM 81 který má na svém hřbetu pilku. Přijde mi, že no spin tu kvůli nutnosti držení prstu na hřbetu při vypouštění trochu odpadá. Každopádně předem díky za odpověď a skvělá videa. Doufám, že se jich ještě hodně dočkáme 🙂

  3. SAR TRACKING says:

    The 78 is the best production combat blade made in the last 30 years . Super strong – edge retention is awesome – perfect balance and the geometry is perfect for punching holes in people wearing heavy clothing and military web gear .
    Get some nylon seat belt material and make your own shoulder holster for upside down carry . Once you get used to using the end of your forefinger to lift the retention on the sheath = awesome . Perfect under a light shirt or suit jacket . Carried by special forces and persona protection details all over the world .

    Thanks again Mr. Celadin —> You Rock

  4. chillysdad says:

    Great video from America. I've had these knives for years. I can throw it with one or two flips, almost as fast as a baseball! Sticks about 2.5 inches in raw wood rounds. Keep up the great videos!!!

  5. Danny S says:

    omg, that knife is so sexy. around here a blade has to be 4.5 inches and a fixed blade we can't carry at all. you are so lucky to have that as an edc. love the throwing too bro

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