4 thoughts on “Global Knives Sharpening – How To, Tips & Techniques

  1. knife sharpening norway says:

    A global is far far far from extremely thin they are made of soft cromova 18 at around hrc 58

    Say a takamura migaki r2 or a shibata kotetsu or a konosuke gs+ or hd2 or a gesshin ginga etc etc

    They are lot lot lot lot thinner than a global and all of em are a good bit harder and better.

    Also my knives are usually 12 per side without any problem or as i do em now since i got a bad cutting board i do thinning and a long bevel to zero at 10 degrees then a 15 degree micro bevel each side thats just a hairs with.

    I freehand all my edges

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