Glenn Boodry Horizontal Elbow Strike – Self Defense

Glen Boodry instructional self defense videos: Learn the basics of how to deliver a punishing horizontal …

14 thoughts on “Glenn Boodry Horizontal Elbow Strike – Self Defense

  1. Stephen Guy says:

    Yeah Baby! Land that elbow. But you better be quick about it. Don't want your opponent to upstage you by preempting your movement at the open target his just opened for him, even for a split second.

  2. Elk Lord says:

    This guy reminds me of Norman in Stephen King's novel Rose Madder. A man that is as hard as nails but really gets off on kicking the shit out of women and people who are weaker than him!

  3. john smith says:

    Always avoid striking with your fists as much as possible. The heel of your hand or your elbow will cause way more damage to your opponent than a balled fist which is easily shattered.

  4. borntosurf2 says:

    this has to one of the very best videos on elbow strikes and the importance of trapping ur opponent
    Boodry is a genius

    his demo at 2:57 is pure gold as well if you watch carefully

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