GK & CO Kukri House Knife and The Fighting Kukri Get Them

Watch “”The Gurkhas” – Full Documentary” In a great book “The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking …

8 thoughts on “GK & CO Kukri House Knife and The Fighting Kukri Get Them

  1. TheGearhead222 says:

    I bought one and I can tell you that the $33.00 Schrade Kukri is a MUCH better, lighter and balanced than anything that this company makes-I thought that I did my research, but these are "Tourist Kukris"-John in Texas

  2. epic_fail says:

    The Ghurha warriors serving in the British army still guard the Queen's palace in London to this day, if I'm not mistaken. When the British occupied India, the Ghurka's even fought fiercely along side the British troops to put down a few mutinies of some of the Indian regiments, who were also master swordsmen and had grown tired of British rule. The British, at first, weren't sure if the Ghurkas would sympathize with the Indians, but they found out that the Ghurkas, being tremendously loyal and honorable, were apparently were happy to kill the mutineers because they viewed the Indian warriors as breaking their promise to fight for the Queen. I remember a report from Afghanistan about a single Ghurka killing over 10 Taliban. It said he shot until he ran out of bullets and beat the last few to death with his rifle. These guys live in the high mountains of the Himalayas and when they come down to a normal elevation with all this oxygen to breath they just go crazy. Seriously though, soldiers who have served with them say that besides obviously being some of the fiercest and bravest men in the world, they go out of their way to be polite and always have a smile on their face even in times of hardship. They are a truly amazing people from a truly amazing place, and the kukri is a testament to their awesomeness…

  3. josh FOSSACECA says:

    I thought I'd let you know that's a tourist kukri if you
    want a real on try tora blades also pretty much everyone in Nepal uses the kukri not just the Gurkha's thought I'd let you know

  4. WAgunfun says:

    that things a fucking beast! I have actually heard a few stories of the Gurkha's legendary badassness on the modern battlefield. Some pretty interesting stuff bro, you should do some more vids on nice blades.

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