42 thoughts on “Giant Hunting Knife – Knife Making

  1. Patrik _ says:

    Please, start testing them out for the vids.. start cutting some melons.. throw it at something, something like that 🙂 and I also have question.. where are you from? Cos your name sounds east European?!

  2. Juan Basse says:

    Hey i would like to make a knife just like yours but I can't draw the correct form of it, do you have any photo you can post of it on your facebook? that would be awesome, i'll send pictures to you when i finish it!

  3. ConfessorEpicness says:

    Might want to try something other than a heat gun for your blower. Hot air is less dense so you need a lot more to produce the heat needed than you would if you just used a small blower and they are not as heavy on the energy consumption.

  4. Andras Gyetvan says:

    I think all hobbyist knife maker should start at similar level. Do not think on workshop equipments, just start to make something. No need for professional grinder, no need for professional heater. Just a cheap hand, angle and belt grinder + a few brick.

  5. RVM451 says:

    Dude, Invest in a good knife-maker's belt sander and an inexpensive heat treating oven. You're working hard enough and doing good enough work to deserve one. O yeah, what's up with the "Mystery Metal"?

  6. sandeep260476 says:

    The video is good. But in case you dont have problem in sharing, then the shape of the knife should also be given. i mean a layout, so that its printout could be used to try the same

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