Getting Punched in the Face by a 6’6″ Attacker

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21 thoughts on “Getting Punched in the Face by a 6’6″ Attacker

  1. stormy says:

    Well I am learning an awful lot about the mentality of GUYS. Don't care what size, the bigger is better for me, guys my size are more alarming. Easier to fool and run from the big guys, not so much the guys with 'small Napolean attitudes'…big guys have it too easy, their big worry is actually hurting someone, grins. Make distance by running, duh but if that is impossible, I glue myself to them, even the wiry little guys! Can't hit hard enough to cause damage before I'd be able to cause damage. Getting punched is amazingly a game changer. I got punched in the face by a car and was literally 'dead' for 45 minutes. I've been thrown onto the concrete from 5' back of my head and was out again until the emergency room. But the guy who threw me down had the skin ripped off his back up to his shoulders. I was 8 years old, he was 14 or 15. He never bothered my little brother or sister's again, nor me. I've been punched in the stomach twice and hard. Extremely important lesson for me. There is no pain at all when in a fight but when you get hit by surprise there sure is as well as being completely incapacitated for a few minutes! Great lessons for me so I will always be avoiding a full on punch. Best way is belly to belly hugging to allow teeth closer to great soft spots and knees to other great soft spots. Shoot, I gave my 4th degree black belt instructor a black eye when she told me to be real (I was only red belt, like big deal). She was pissed. I was a novice out of control.

    This site is wonderful! More realistic. All those great moves by IP Man, Jackie, are just not going to be had or useful by novices probably even martial arts dudes below 3 rd degree black belt. Black belt is just the beginning, as much of a novice as all the colors below black. I'd like to see pitting a novice with some physical background, dance, athletics, sail boarding without any martial art experience, to show going through the thought process of defense in different circumstances; the grocery store, walking down main street, in a crowded pub, backpacking in the wilderness. Speaking of which, defense with cougar, bear, raccoons, mother moose, elk, wild pig. This would be fascinating and applicable as these creatures are far more foreign yet very familiar with certain types of humans!! Grins!

  2. FrLouis says:

    Depending on the situation either run away, he won't catch you at 300 pounds, or open up the abdominal section with your knife, he will be too busy keeping his stuff from spilling out to want to fight with you.
    Unarmed… if you have striking skill and he doesn't, you may have a chance. Keith Hackney vs Yarborough or Gerard Gordeau vs Teila Tuli, it's doable if you're a good striker. If he has boxing skills you're probably f'ed.

  3. shfaradi jew says:

    there is a reason why police alot of times just shoot such tall people hell imagine 6'6 300 pound dude throwing you on the ground and then lay on top of you and straight up punch you in the face he will fucking destroy your face realy im serious he wil slice your nose or worse in no time and tour eyes Will be swolen jezus and you will have blood all over your face

  4. Vidar Granit says:

    Yeah, clinching with a guy twice your size is not a good idea unless you like being taken down and pounded in the face. I'd say keep the distance, defend and don't engage – hopefully he'll get tired and the conflict will ebb out into nothingness.

  5. Karl Logan says:

    when a much larger man attacks you or a friend for no reason, or a stupid reason, and you're unarmed, there's just three words you got to remember, balls, eyes and throat. kick, gouge and chop them.

  6. Pecker Wood says:

    Fuck that shit! Big guy are fucking slow and usually use to having people scared of them. If your real tiny just kill them. It's within your legal right and it's fairly easy with the right mind set and tools. Fuck getting brain damage

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