German Chief Police Instructor: On Knife Defense



Johannes Renninghoff is the chief police instructor for Hessen state in Germany and in this video he demonstrates part of what he teaches over 14000 …

43 thoughts on “German Chief Police Instructor: On Knife Defense

  1. Gggg Gggg says:

    The instructors sucks….this fantasy knife defense is not able to the reality …. Only shot weapon or knife self is a possibility to survive…iam afraid but this is the reality

  2. TheHemstock says:

    This is shocking – Without a weapon, oh wait we're doing weapons defence ……… 1.) I lost count the number of times the 'weapon arm' passes fatally close to the body. 2.) This is only one a dimensional attack. 3.) A real life situation the attacker is thrusting the weapon in a fast frenzy and barbaric manner. 4.) If the attacker has a knife and wants to stab you, the chances are YOU WILL GET AT LEAST A CUT AND PROBABLY STABBED……. All we can do as Martial Arts/Weapons Defence Instructors/Coaches is make our classes very aware that the knife/blade is a simplistic but very effective deadly weapon. Yes we can teach blocks, locks, strikes and kicks but the moment a blade is introduced the rules change and it's only about survival.

  3. usa pokerpro says:

    To the professional critics, "in any knife defense technique assume that you WILL GET STABBED, so get control of that weapon!" Same goes for a gun disarm. But as a cop you usually have help either way.

  4. MaccuFNS says:

    Sorry man you can't grab a wrist like that at full speed If you block with a right hand like that you'll get stabbed in the throat. And can take your back easily when you push him it's even easier.

  5. Andy ́s Solutions says:

    Very good technic and correct presented, with going into him. A great detail since often you didnt grap it directly. Not stay standing like in "Knife Defense: When You Can't Run Away!" were the guy do the same but believe he grap everytime the wrist and can directly turn to a takedown. the pushing into him gives control, even he stab again but then with less momentum and by going backwards, so chance is higher to grap it this time. Same for hits with the left hand. Of course you can counter anything, so a knife is always dangerous, but this is one method. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Conor Patrick says:

    Surprise!!…..Speed!!……Savagery!!…….When you get the "wrap on" ….Take the Bite…….Think club sandwich…Think punany wrap…….A small bite to the inside arm…..Blade drops….On time…Every time…On a dime……Deep bite with all you got and he /she drops every time…….That's……Disarm!!……Disable!!……Disengage!!…….NB : You don't have……Body armor….Bullets…..Back up…..A police officer has pension to consider…..Officer walks into a station looking like a Zombie…….Or on YouTube looking like a Zombie….Career be done…….Ps; As ya drive do your safe spot….Wash out your mouth with strong mouth wash…..Take the anti-virals in your first aid kit……No Ambiguity…..No Mulligan's…..No You Got Lucky……..

  7. Akuma Bakemono says:

    What if he has another knife in the other pocket or ankle? And what if the attacker is a ninja with an AK 47? And if? … Gentlemen please if you start looking, no technique is perfect all can fail and all have a counterattack. It's not as if the guy in this video tells you: "when the knife comes, throw ki at the opponent" or something like that:

    It seeks to intercept the attack, avoid stabbing, hit the opponent (headbutting) and control the wrist and elbow, all while moving and pressing the attacker, adapting to what the other does. Of course it is not perfect, there is no such thing in the world of martial arts and self-defense, but it is a very good, very realistic technique that teaches drills that we can use. No one says that in real life you will perform this technique as it is in the video.

  8. Hondo Trailside says:

    Rule one of knife fighting: carry many knives. What is this guy doing about the knife in my left hand. When people only had knives they would carry several, in different sizes often.

  9. Conor Patrick says:

    WARNING : This is government issue health and safety for the Criminal and the Police Officer…..Educational Chaos…….Fuck me up during training and i will retire with an early pension….Or the criminal sues the German State for injuries inflicted during arrest…….EU health and safety…..LOL LOLer……

  10. Florian Bertzen says:

    I think he was training simple drills and basics. And what He shows is better than most instructors Show with untrained students. If you want to survive a knife against a trained atacker you dont learn it in a day. You must train years. Every short self defens training is bullshit If you do not train it. Gretings from a German

  11. Iconoclasticnation says:

    No, any knife defence that involves attempting to grab the attackers wrist when the knife hand is in full motion is bad. It seriously risks the chance of the defenders thumb dislocating, with an attacker stabbing at full force, and it is also extremely difficult to “catch” the wrist when going full speed and full force, in low light conditions the difficulty increases that much further. I respect this guy, but his technique will fail under pressure.

  12. Nene3dify says:

    Funker Tactical has done such a good job educating viewers over the years that most have developed pretty good B.S detectors. You can't blame them for spotting the very obvious flaws in this video, like an attacker who's not employing the leveraging arm and is using a Hollywood knife grip. Not a very realistic scenario in my humble opinion

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