German Chief Police Instructor: On Knife Defense!



Johannes Renninghoff is the chief police instructor for Hessen state in Germany and in this video he demonstrates part of what he teaches over 14000 …

24 thoughts on “German Chief Police Instructor: On Knife Defense!

  1. Nikola Nielsen says:

    There are no Defends against Knife attack!
    "People who claimed there is a defence against a knife attack are guilty of active manslaughter"!!

    Forget it, no matter what you train, secret moves etc.
    Knife attack is a killer.!

    People ask me, and many people put video on YouTube where they show how to defend against a knife attack.
    Sorry to say please forget Hollywood, Bollywood,.
    There is no defends against a knife – attack, sorry to say this, but this is the reality.

    If you are in a room, where you can not escape, you are trapped can not run or leave, you must face the knife attacker.
    Do not look at the knife, when you look at the knife he will cut you, (try to use your pereferich sight).

    a) Find something to throw at him.
    b) Find stol, or a table to put between you and the knife-attacker if you are outside take your bike and put it between you and the knife attacker.
    c) Find something longer than the knife so you have a chance to get out a live.
    "Forget the cinema , reality never fight a boy with a knife run like hell.!
    "Folk som påstod der er forsvar mod kniv er med skyldig i aktivmandrab."
    "People who claimed there is a defence against a knife attack are guilty of active manslaughter"!

  2. لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا أَللهُ says:

    Not safe he focus on the hand he hold on to but the other hand is open to move or make a counter attack or grab his jow or neck or eye so gor my comment is not safe very dangerous i think ill go to yhe outside position not in font why in outside position the other hand cant make a move or counter attack bcoz very far distance

  3. StevenRayW says:

    This is a good move compared to many other fancy suicidal knife disarm techniques commonly taught at martial arts dojos. The key is to control the weapon at the get-go while applying foward pressure to the opponent — as opposed to just parrying and deflecting and allowing the knife to move freely.

  4. Abu tks apu Nasor says:

    Knife stab from resque tecnic tottaly wrong tecnic y showing them coz when ever knife attacker triggering stab by knife he will satb by knife will keep grab by hand top trigle position in this case y have to round high kick knife attacker elbow or hand wrist

  5. aspenrebel says:

    What about 2 finger poke to eyes, or any strike to eye? Leopard's Paw straight to front of neck? Drop Kick, i.e. Instep Kick right to groin after you have stopped his attack? If he can't see you, he can't get you; If he can't breath, he can't get you; If he can't stand, he can't get you; If he can't DO, he can't get you. Funny, just the other night I saw this older TV movie, maybe from 1990 or something. This psycho killer got into apt of single mother and 14 yr old daughter. A bunch of scuffling went on for a bit. Then guy had girl in bedroom, standing near open door. The mother stabbed him in the back with a big knife, but didn't finish him. She went to daughter's aid. He got knife out and in his hand, and was going to attack mother. She sprayed him in eyes with pepper spray, so that halted him for awhile. But then, still not able to see well at all, he was slashing around in the air, with his left hand (she had stabbed him back of right shoulder), with great ferocity. Almost most cutting mother a number of times. But she picked up a baseball bat and kept hitting him in the head and body, until he went out the window. Point being, even if attacker is stabbed, blinded, bleeding, in pain, losing use of one arm, he can still be dangerous with a knife by slashing about. 2nd point …. FINISH him!!!!

  6. aspenrebel says:

    Also, one thing I like to do, if the situation is suitable, is to do a deflecting block over the top of the knife hand. Blocking down and across. Then do an immediate and very fast two finger poke to his eyes. If he can't see you, he can't get you. Then once you realize his eyesight is blurred, he is in pain, i.e. grabbing his eyes with his left hand …. RUN LIKE HELL!!!

  7. aspenrebel says:

    Also, good is to strike, with power, to 1) the shoulder joint (alot of nerves there and you may dislocate the shoulder); 2) right on top of the bicep (very painful and you may cause his entire arm to be unusable, he may drop the knife); and 3) right inside of his forearm there are alot of nerves right along the radial bone. If you strike hard, in the right place, it will cause a lot of pain and "tingling", and he will most likely not be able to maintain a grip on his knife. Also, if you are stopping him at his right wrist, on the inside, with your left hand, and his arm is somewhat straight, you can come behind his arm with your right arm (ridgehand) to his tricep tendon. In that way locking out his straight arm.

  8. Algene Manzano says:

    I know this guy he is not german police he is liar he work in parlor he is beautician he is good in pedicure manicur hair cut rebond but he is dengerous his strange came from male costumer

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