Gerber Strongarm Tactical Knife

The Gerber Strongarm, debuted at Shot Show 2015, and I think this will be the biggest win Gerber’s had in a long time. I’m not usually a Gerber fan, but if they …

23 thoughts on “Gerber Strongarm Tactical Knife

  1. Kentucky Justice says:

    I'm no "Gerber fan boy" by any means, but I really like Gerber fixed blade knives. They're reasonably priced, and pretty good quality. And if I totally destroy one, replacing it isn't an issue and it doesn't break the bank. I'm no blade slinger, and I'm not fixated on knife porn, but there's nothing wrong with a Gerber knife.

  2. Mauricio Martinez says:

    I like fixed blades better. I would never go for or rely on a folding blade. Now having said that- I would go for a basic knife from Gerber, or M&P, or any other store/internet bought knife. Not trying to be a snob but I have found that custom made knives in my opinion or much better quality and much better customer service from individuals as opposed to a company made knife. Plus, they make the knife to your specifications and needs and wants.

  3. Brian Taylor says:

    I have Busse Kin and Fallkniven and ESEE and Benchmades and this is the best $50 I have ever spent on anything. It’s a really really really nice knife at any price. I laughed at Gerber since Fiskars took them over, they are not what they were in the 80s but they seem to have redeemed themselves.

  4. Rafael Nadal says:

    I have it, also the lmf2 I still like more the lmf2 but is just my taste. I would like to see the lmf2 without serrations. Both are a pain in the ass sharpening looking a razor sharp, but with time an patience you can do it.

  5. TM O says:

    While I understand that the Strongarm can be used as a tactical weapon, it's really a utility knife. Ya know feathering wood, chopping stuff — even cutting steak. When was the last time you grabbed a knife to save your life?

    In my opinion, all of these reviews place much too much emphasis on these knives as weapons. At least for an urban environment, this emphasis is overblown…

  6. joe Recto says:

    Use it for a year, Then let us know. Several years ago, I broke a U.S.A. made Gerber LMF ASEK knife doing what my 15 year old Ontario Pilot's Survival knife STILL does without a problem.I also broke the Pliers on a Gerber Multi Tool. No more knives/tools with a "Baby Food" name on them for me.

  7. Todd Klekotka says:

    I will be getting mine tomorrow. Im excited to try it out. I plan on using it for edc. Be good at utility and tactical uses. Im impressed, Gerber finally gave us something the blade community has asked for years. Be nice to see a knife similar in design but longer blade, 5-7 inch would be nice. I'll support American made Gerber products hell yeah. Just not the Chinease products.

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