Gerber Prodigy Tanto Tactical Knife

Gerber has added a new member to its Prodigy line, The Prodigy Tanto Tactical …

32 thoughts on “Gerber Prodigy Tanto Tactical Knife

  1. Robbie Marta says:

    I can say that when imdo do use the knife and i have to place the kife baxk in the sheath the button snaps do get in the way although other than that the sheath is great but the retention system is very stiff I suggest just taking the kmife in and out ( thats what she said) to break it in

  2. Rocky National says:

    Sorry for the delay on the reply. Gerber has re-branded their logo from the mountain image to just their name. You will see the new logo on all tools and knives going forward. If you purchase a knife with the logo of the mountain it is old stock.

  3. Fatty McCubs says:

    I have a question: I just ordered one of these knives for last resort applications. The blade of my knife, instead of the usual Gerber logo with the mountain just says "Gerber"… is this the 420HC version, Sandvik, or knock off. I ordered from amazon, and they said it was 420HC… thanks for any help.

  4. Dr.Trollish says:

    Ya I had a vest I kept mine on it worked fine for medium knife, handles tasks well but I stopped using it. Mine didn't hold and edge all that well, not great steel, but acceptable for its price point obviously. I have the one made out of sandvik steel I heard they since switched, not sure how those are.

  5. Dr.Trollish says:

    @COYOTE165A Ya its not all that great if you are looking to carry this knife much, it does work if you lash it to a strap to sit on your chest or if you happen to be decked out in your gun vest. Probably the best route would be to find a place online that does a custom molded sheath made of kidex, leather or whatever you like. That's if you really wanted to carry it a lot it would be worth it but ya just type Gerber prodigy sheath into Google and you will get all the info.

  6. A REDTAIL says:

    @pac6010 I also bought one but the sheath that comes with it sucks.? Does anyone know where to order another different type sheath that will fit this knife.? any suggestions will be appreciated.?

  7. worldindo1 says:

    It's the user not the knife… I haven't had a damn problem with my BG Ultimate Knife. Owned it for months and that thing has been through hell and back. So pull it out of the shoebox in your closet and learn how to ACTUALLY use the knife properly.

  8. FunVanDriver says:

    Sweet! Is that sheath MOLLE compatible? I saw the back and can see it should be, but the space between the webbing is a bit small. Thanks for this review, brief and informative, very good.

  9. Hopefaithguns says:

    This is a nice set up! Much better than the Bear Grylls I own… I swore I'd never buy another gerber!! I do like the TANTO version but I was wondering does the very, very nice sheath have a spot for a fire rod or a compass… Atleast a button compass

  10. craigdamage says:

    Just got mine from AMAZON for $48.95 free shipping. Bottom line: you won't likely find a better blade for under 50 bucks…PERIOD!
    I own many,MANY tactical and survival knives and this one is really great.

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